What factors have made innocent drinks successful so far Be specific please?


What factors have made innocent drinks successful so far Be specific please?

One more factor that made Innocent Drinks successful is its packaging decision related to price. When they evaluated the only competitor, PJ company, it became clear that it offers 330ml at £1.99. In turn, Innocent Drinks decided to produce 250ml bottles at a lower price yet with a focus on high quality.

How do innocent promote their products?

Besides various television adverts and other advertising Innocent Drinks regularly publish press releases on their website in order to explain their products and strategies (Unattributed, 2015a). They announced, for example, the deal with Coca Cola and the launch of their new coconut water.

What type of marketing does innocent use?

The company make use of a variety of strategies to market their products. The marketing strategies are such as traditional marketing and internet marketing. This has made it extremely easier for people to have a wide range of information with regards to the company and its products (Solomon, et al 2009).

Who is innocents target market?

Innocent Drinks target a range of customers for their products. They target adults, who keep to a healthy lifestyle, and they also target parents. They target parents as they have certain products for children, encouraging parents to keep a healthy lifestyle going for their children.

What is Innocent smoothies mission statement?

Now we’re on a mission to keep people healthy, help out the communities who need us most and make sure our planet becomes healthier too. That’s why we pack our little drinks full of good stuff, give 10% of profits to charity and have pledged to be carbon neutral by 2025.

How does Innocent use social media?

Innocent’s SMM managers actively reply to people and respond to someone’s questions in real-time. And that’s a smart plan: people want a more personal touch from brands. That’s how Innocent forms a loyal following and nurtures relationships that can turn into sales over time.

How much is innocent market share?

Despite the challenges of 2020, Innocent grew market share for the 11th year in a row, with a 0.1 percentage point increase to 21.4%.

What is Innocent Drinks value proposition?

Innocent are the current market leader in the smoothie sector (Hughes, 2012). The value proposition behind the product focuses on “making it easy (for consumers) to do themselves some good.

How were innocent smoothies successful?

Further help and support came from Mike Lord, a businessman who ran a Welsh-based juice firm. After Innocent secured deals with all the main UK supermarket groups – helped by buying up billboard advertising near their head offices – its sales rocketed, and continued to grow strongly until everything went wrong in 2008.

Where do innocent sell their products?

Innocent makes and distributes its smoothies and fruit drinks in 14 European markets and Australia; its supply chain extends across the globe3. The fruit is imported into the UK, made into smoothies and drinks, and then shipped to customer markets.

What is innocent smoothies mission statement?

Who are innocent drinks main competitors?

innocent drinks Competitors & Alternatives

Competitor Name Revenue Number of Employees
#1 City Pantry $36.2M 0
#2 The Coconut Col… $10.2M 47
#3 Social Bite $10.6M 49
#4 Marine Harvest … $18M 74

How were Innocent smoothies successful?

In 2000, they launched a new product, Thickies, which had extra fruit. They also started sending weekly newsletters to subscribers and were commissioned by Waitrose supermarkets for a trial run selling smoothies in-store. The trial was a success and setting up shop at trade shows assured Innocent of more sales.

What is the purpose of Innocent?

Innocent is making a renewed push to show it as a brand with purpose rather than profit at its core, as it launches a campaign to help show children how easy it can be to grow their own food. Innocent recently launched its ‘Sow and Grow’ campaign, aimed at teaching children where their food comes from.