What essential oil is good for migraine headaches?


What essential oil is good for migraine headaches?

Peppermint oil Peppermint oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils to treat headaches and migraine attacks. It contains menthol, which can help relax muscles and ease pain. It’s thought that applying diluted peppermint oil topically can help relieve pain from both tension headaches and migraine attacks.

Where do you put essential oils for migraines?

The most popular way to use essential oils for headaches and migraines is to apply a few drops to your temples and forehead – or wherever you are experiencing pain. Because they are so concentrated and can cause skin sensitivity, it’s best to dilute them in a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba or almond oil.

What is the best essential oil blend for headaches?

peppermint oil
An essential oil blend for: Headaches On its own, peppermint oil is great for headaches because it contains menthol, which can help relax muscles and minimize pain. Add lavender to help ease a common cause of tense muscles: feelings of stress.

Where do you put lavender oil for migraines?

To do this, add 2 to 4 drops of oil to 2 to 3 cups of boiling water. Then, inhale the vapors. You can also massage a few drops into the skin. Make sure you consult with your doctor before trying any alternative remedies to relieve your migraines.

Is lavender oil good for migraines?

There’s new evidence that the use of lavender oil can treat migraines. A study in European Neurology looked at the inhalation of lavender essential oils to treat migraines. The study concluded that inhaling lavender essential oil may be an effective and safe way to relieve migraine pain.

Is frankincense oil good for migraines?

Research has shown that frankincense can be effective in relieving the pain caused by cluster headaches because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Where do you rub peppermint oil for headaches?

Dab a couple drops of your oil mixture onto your fingers and massage it onto your temples, the back of your neck, your shoulders, and your chest area. Tension headaches are often caused by muscle contractions in this part of your body.

What is better for headaches peppermint or lavender?

If anything, essential oils may help your discomfort indirectly by calming and relaxing you. There are two essential oils specifically that may be helpful—lavender, which may help with a migraine, and peppermint, which may help with a tension-type headache.

What helps migraines go away fast?

Hot packs and heating pads can relax tense muscles. Warm showers or baths may have a similar effect. Drink a caffeinated beverage. In small amounts, caffeine alone can relieve migraine pain in the early stages or enhance the pain-reducing effects of acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) and aspirin.

Can I mix peppermint and lavender essential oils?

If you pair a couple of drops of peppermint with the lavender-oil blend, it can be extra soothing for headaches because lavender is a proven stress reliever, Goldman says.