What does intuition mean in Anne Frank?


What does intuition mean in Anne Frank?

a direct perception of truth without reasoning; an instinct about something.

What is the summary of Act 2 of Anne Frank?

Anne fires off a storm of repressed anger about being a teenager trapped in the war. She blames the grownups for her problems and explodes on her mother. But after slamming the door and forgetting her cake, she discovers an unlikely ally in Peter.

How does Anne describe herself Act 2 Scene 1?

Van Daan. How does Anne describe herself? She says she talks all wrong, says too much, goes too far, and hurts people’s feelings.

What is the climax of Anne Frank Act 2?

The hysterics climax with Mrs. Van Daan totally freaking out and saying that she’ll kill herself, which of course is followed by an argument between she and Mr. Van Daan. But then, it is contrasted with Peter and Anne, peacefully gazing together at the sky.

Which of the following words has the same meaning as apprehension *?

1 alarm, worry, uneasiness; suspicion.

What happened in Act 2 Scene 3 of The Diary of Anne Frank?

Frank stealing food from the food safe in the middle of the night. He complains he is hungry. Mrs. Frank loses her calm and screams at him that everyone is hungry, and she is watching the children, his own child, getting thinner; this food should have gone to them.

What happens in Scene 2 of The Diary of Anne Frank?

Mr. Frank warns Anne that she must never go beyond the door to the Secret Annex that leads to her father’s office. He tells her that, although they are contained in the Annex, she is free to think and dream because no one can put a lock on your mind. At eight o’clock, the family has to be silent.

What is Anne’s nightmare?

She’s had a nightmare about the Nazis coming to take her away. It seems totally normal to us that her fears would manifest in this way, but everyone in the attic short of her parents seems more than a little annoyed by this.

On what date was Anne’s first kiss?

On April 15, 1944, Anne gets her first kiss. Although Peter only kisses her “half on [her] left cheek, half on [her] ear,” Anne suddenly feels she is very advanced for her age.

What does Peter mean by please mother?

Van Daan think Peter might be afraid? What does Peter mean when he says “Please, Mother”? His parents will be sleeping away from him. Peter means he doesn’t want his mother to embarrass him.

What happened in the diary of Anne Frank Act 2 Scene 2?

Peter freaks about Anne possibly being prevented from seeing him again by the parents, and Anne soothes him by basically saying, “not a chance.” At which time we feel like Peter’s sort of the wimpy one in this relationship until he grabs Anne by the arms and pecks her on the cheek—aww!

What happened in scene 4 of The Diary of Anne Frank?

Margot comforts her mother telling her it is a phase Anne will outgrow. Anne’s father comforts her. In his arms she confesses she is so afraid the Green Police will come to drag her away like they did her friend Jopie. She thinks she is grown up and then cries like a baby wanting her father.

What happened in Act 2 Scene 3 of the Diary of Anne Frank?

What is Peter’s cat’s name?

Mentioned in her diary, The Diary of a Young Girl, Mouschi was a real cat who belonged to Peter, the teenage boy also in hiding with Anne.