What does CAM-type morphology mean?


What does CAM-type morphology mean?

Cam-type morphology occurs when an abnormally shaped femoral head/neck has a region of increased radius forming a bump or ridge (1). During motions of flexion and internal rotation, an increased amount of shear stress is placed on the labral cartilage by the abnormal contact with the enlarged femoral head/neck (2).

What is CAM morphology of the hip?

Cam morphology refers to an abnormal morphology of the femoral head-neck junction interlinked with an osseous asphericity of the femoral head. It is one possible cause of femoroacetabular impingement (FAI).

How common is CAM morphology?

The concept: primary cam morphology taxonomy and terminology Cam FAI and cam-type FAI were used in 19% and 21% of the included articles, while 23% used cam impingement and 14% used cam-type impingement. Cam lesion, cam deformity and cam-type deformity were used in 9%, 41% and 22% of the included articles, respectively.

What is a CAM-type deformity?

What is a cam deformity or a cam lesion? The hip is a ball and a socket joint. The ball is called the femoral head and the socket is called the acetabulum. In patients with a cam deformity, the head is not perfectly spherical and does not fit well into the socket.

How do you treat CAM morphology?

Correction of this malformation, generally accomplished with arthroscopic femoroplasty, is considered the mainstay of treatment. The goal in treating cam morphology is to increase the femoral head-neck offset by creating a spherical head.

How do you treat Cam morphology?

Does FAI require surgery?

Surgery for FAI can be performed using hip arthroscopy or open surgery. In hip arthroscopy, the hip is distracted and an arthroscope (a videocamera about the size of a pen) is used to look in the joint to see and treat damage that is found using two to five incisions that are about ΒΌ inch in size.

Does CAM impingement need surgery?

If hip impingement syndrome causes significant pain and symptoms don’t improve with nonsurgical treatment or therapeutic injections, our orthopedic surgeons may recommend surgery. They can reshape the bones in the hip joint, so that the round femoral head can rotate smoothly within the socket-shaped acetabulum.

Is FAI the same as arthritis?

FAI can limit motion and cause pain. Without treatment, FAI can damage the cartilage that provides cushioning in the hip. This damage can lead to arthritis, or painful joint deterioration. Some people need surgery to repair the damage.

What causes cam morphology?

The cause of primary (idiopathic) cam morphology remains incompletely understood. Mounting evidence suggests that idiopathic cam morphology develops during adolescence through alterations in the capital femoral epiphysis in response to participation in vigorous sporting activity.

What causes cam lesion hip?

CAM impingement is a condition in which the head of the femur is not smooth and rubs against the socket bone. It occurs due to abnormal growth of the hip bones during a child’s growing years.

Does FAI need surgery?

Surgical Treatment for FAI Whether you will need surgical treatment depends to a large degree on the type of FAI you have, the amount of deformity and the presence of arthritic change.

Is surgery needed for FAI?

How do you treat CAM lesions?

Initial treatment involves resting, avoiding activities that increase pain, taking pain medications, and performing specific exercises to improve hip movement and strengthen the hip joint. Your physician may recommend arthroscopic hip surgery if nonsurgical therapy fails to improve the pain.