What does aberrant conduction mean on an ECG?


What does aberrant conduction mean on an ECG?

Aberrant conduction is defined as conduction through the atrioventricular node with delay or block, resulting in a broader QRS complex. Aberrant conduction usually manifests as left or right bundle branch block, both of which have characteristic features.

What is a fib with aberrancy?

Aberrancy, or aberrant conduction just means that the beats do not get conducted along the traditional conduction pathway. Atrial fibrillation with a right bundle branch block or left bundle branch blocks are good examples of atrial fibrillation with aberrancy.

Is AIVR regular?

Electrocardiogram characteristics of AIVR include a regular rhythm, 3 or more ventricular complexes with QRS complex > 120 milliseconds, a ventricular rate between 50 beats/min and 110 beats/min, and occasional fusion or capture beats. This rhythm has two postulated, possibly coexisting causes.

What does aberrant mean in medical terms?

Reviewed on 3/29/2021. Aberration: (1) A deviation or irregularity. For example, a chromosome aberration is a deviation from the normal chromosome number or the normal chromosome structure. In this sense, aberration is also synonymous with deflection, departure, divergence, diversion, turning.

Is AIVR benign?

AIVR is usually a benign and well-tolerated arrhythmia. Most of the cases will require no treatment and in rare situations such as sustained or incessant AIVR or when AV dissociation induces syncope, the risk of sudden death is higher, and the arrhythmia should be treated.

What rate is AIVR?

The ventricular rate of AIVR is generally between 40 to 100-120 bpm. Usually, AIVR is hemodynamically well tolerated due to its slow ventricular rate. It is self-limited and resolves as sinus rate surpasses the rate of AIVR. Rarely, AIVR can degenerate into ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.

How is aberrant conduction treated?

It is usually treated with vagal maneuvers or adenosine. What does aberrancy mean? You can think of “aberrancy” as abnormal conduction. When something is aberrant it “departs from the right, normal, or usual course.”