What does a rip mean in the NYPD?


What does a rip mean in the NYPD?

Silvia. The answer is much simpler than you think. RIP is simply an acronym for “Reduction In Pay”. It does not mean the officer has been suspended as previously stated.

What is a rip in police work?

expression. acronym for “Reduction In Pay”. The detective got a 3 day RIP for not complying with superior officer.

Why do NYPD cops say forthwith?

Wikipedia, however, tells us that “forthwith” is actually a part of the jargon of both the NYPD and the city’s fire department. It may have no special connotation for police departments in other cities, but in New York City, “forthwith” is a code for “emergency” and means “hurry up” or “need backup.”

What is a NYPD DD5?

DD5: Otherwise known as the Case Management System, it’s a digital notepad for detectives used for complaint follow-ups. The name comes from old slang for “document detectives file.” Forms: Officers use this app to fill out paperwork now, filing accident reports, domestic violence reports and aiding reports.

What does a rip mean in blue bloods?

As someone who has been in that line of work, it is “reduction in pay”. The rip would not be accompied by a suspension, just the pay reduction to the next lower grade.

What does Icard mean?

Icard definition Filters. (1) (Internet CARD) An electronic postcard (e-card) service from Apple that was discontinued in 2008.

Why do they call it a bus on SVU?

The origin of the term “”bus” comes from New York City. The first batch of ambulances (or possibly the first several) were bought from the same vendor that sold NYC their school buses and metro buses. Thus, the slang term,”bus.”

What is K-9 stand for?

A police dog, also known as K-9 or K9 (a homophone of canine), is a dog specifically trained to assist members of law enforcement. Dogs have been used in law enforcement since the Middle Ages.

What is an I-card New York?

The I-Card is a paper record that the City of New York adopted in 1902 to document the required building improvements of tenements and multiple dwelling buildings, and for regulating their use.

What is an active i-card?

An I-Card is short for an investigation card. An I-Card is an online document created by a Detective with the New York Police Department that notifies patrol officers that a person is wanted. It names a particular person who is the subject of an ongoing police investigation.

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Does NYC ID count as state ID?

nEW YORK CITY ID CARD IDNYC is an ID card issued by New York City rather than New York State. The ID is available to anyone who lives in New York City. In order to get the NYC ID card, you need to provide proof of ID and proof of residency in NYC.