What did progressives believe quizlet?


What did progressives believe quizlet?

Progressives believed people could improve society was because they had strong faith in science and technology. Science and technology had benefited people; thus progressives believed using scientific principles could also produce solutions for society.

What did Progressives support?

Progressives drew support from the middle class, and supporters included many lawyers, teachers, physicians, ministers, and business people. Some Progressives strongly supported scientific methods as applied to economics, government, industry, finance, medicine, schooling, theology, education, and even the family.

What did the Progressives believe was the key to improving government?

What did many progressives believe was the key to improving government? To make elected officials more responsive and accountable to voters.

What role did progressives believe the government should play in society?

Progressives were interested in establishing a more transparent and accountable government which would work to improve U.S. society. These reformers favored such policies as civil service reform, food safety laws, and increased political rights for women and U.S. workers.

How did the progressives want to reform government quizlet?

They wanted to encourage the government to enact social policies to improve work on crime, illiteracy, alcohol abuse, child labor, and the health and safety of Americans. They pushed for laws that would alleviate these issues.

How did Progressives feel about government quizlet?

How did Progressives feel about government? Government should regulate business to eliminate corruption and improve efficiency.

How did Progressives plan to improve government?

How did progressives plan to improve government?

What did progressives fight for?

The main objectives of the Progressive movement were addressing problems caused by industrialization, urbanization, immigration, and political corruption. Social reformers were primarily middle-class citizens who targeted political machines and their bosses.

How did progressives reform the government?