What cities are near Toluca Lake California?


What cities are near Toluca Lake California?

Cities near Toluca Lake, California:

  • Burbank, CA.
  • West Hollywood, CA.
  • Glendale, CA.
  • Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Culver City, CA.
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • La Canada Flintridge, CA.
  • San Fernando, CA.

Is Toluca Lake a good area?

Toluca Lake is in Los Angeles County and is one of the best places to live in California. Living in Toluca Lake offers residents an urban feel and most residents rent their homes. In Toluca Lake there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Is Toluca Lake the same as North Hollywood?

Toluca Lake is not an incorporated city. It is a district of the city of Los Angeles, the same as Hollywood, Studio City and North Hollywood. Toluca Lake is also a general neighborhood which spills over into Burbank. Some locations which share the Toluca Lake zip-code 91602 are not in Toluca Lake.

What celebs live in Toluca Lake?

Recently, it’s been the home of Steve Carell, Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer, and Kirsten Dunst.

  • And then there is Bob who has been at this Bob’s Big Boy location since 1949.
  • Home of Adrian and Janet Gaynor built in 1927.
  • Friday night vintage car show at Bob’s 49.
  • Priscilla’s Coffeehouse.
  • Milt and Edies.
  • Paty’s Restaurant.

Where did Bob Hope live in Toluca Lake?

10346 Moorpark St.
The longtime home of the late Bob and Dolores Hope at 10346 Moorpark St. has been revamped, but still features amenities beloved by the famed comedian, including his wood-paneled office, joke storage vault and a 3-par golf hole replete with bunkers, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Why is it called the Rat Pack?

Bacall gave the group its name, although exactly how it came about is less clear. This much is known: A night of carousing ended back at the home she shared with Bogart. She looked at her friends in various stages of inebriation and mood alteration and said, “You look like a pack of rats.”

Who owns the Bob Hope estate in Toluca Lake?

businessman Ron Burkle
Four years after buying Bob Hope’s longtime estate in Toluca Lake and restoring it to its former glory, billionaire businessman Ron Burkle is shopping it around for $29 million. That’s nearly double the $15 million he paid for it in 2018.

Who bought Bob Hopes house in Toluca Lake?

The current owner, billionaire businessman Ron Burkle, purchased the Toluca Lake home from Hope’s estate in 2018 for $15 million, with the promise that he would preserve the comedian’s legacy.