What breeds make an Irish Sport Horse?


What breeds make an Irish Sport Horse?

The traditional Irish Sport Horse (ISH) is produced by breeding Irish Draught and thoroughbred bloodlines together producing a sport horse with the size, speed, muscling, and temperament that makes it an excellent athlete.

What breed of horse is native to Ireland?

The national horse breed of Ireland is the Irish Draft. Its strong musculature and bone combined with a gentle nature have made this breed a popular choice for producing heavy warmblood crosses.

What cross is an Irish Sport Horse?

The Irish Sport Horse is a cross between Irish Draughts and Thoroughbreds, embodying the best of both breeds. Those that are half TB and half ID tend to be quiet all-rounders suitable for the amateur on a foxhunt, or event at the low and mid levels.

What is the average price for an Irish Sport Horse?

Irish sport horses can be difficult to find, depending on where you live. And they are often sold for $10,000 or more.

What are Irish sports ponies?

The Irish Sport Horse, or Irish Hunter, is an Irish breed of warmblood sporting horse, used mostly for dressage, eventing and show-jumping. It was bred from 1923 by cross-breeding of Irish Draught and Thoroughbred stock.

What is a traditional Irish horse?

The Traditional Irish Horse (TIH) is the original indigenous Irish Sport Horse breed which was developed here in Ireland 200-300 years ago using the Irish Draught, the Thoroughbred and, to a lesser extent, the Connemara Pony.

Are Irish sport horses rare?

Despite their worldwide popularity, Irish sport horses are actually quite a rare breed, with an estimated 2,000 purebreds in existence. The Irish Draught Horse Society and Horse Sport Ireland maintain registries of Irish sport horses.

Can Irish sport horses do dressage?

The Irish Sport Horse has the movements of a warmblood, combined with the intelligence, speed, and heart of a Thoroughbred. They are talented enough for use in Eventing, Show Jumping, Foxhunting, Dressage, Driving or pleasure riding. This is the one horse that can do it all.

Are Irish sport horses fast?

Physically, Irish sport horses are known for being strong, fast, and versatile. And they have exceptionally powerful hindquarters that help give them their incredible balance and jumping ability.

Is an Irish Draught a warmblood?

Technically the make – up of the breed – with its mix of pony, thoroughbred, and heavy horse – would make the Irish Draught a warmblood, like the majority of non pony breeds.

What breed is an Irish gelding?

The Irish Draught horse is the national horse breed of Ireland which developed primarily for farm use….Irish Draught.

Irish Draught stallion
Country of origin Ireland
Distinguishing features Powerful warmblood build, well-muscled
Equus ferus caballus

Can Irish Draught horses do dressage?

Today, the breed is known for its athleticism and fortitude and is often crossed with Thoroughbreds and warmbloods to produce the Irish Sport Horse—also known as the Irish Draught Sport Horse—which excels in activities like eventing, dressage, showjumping, fox hunting, and leisure riding.

Are Irish sport horses good for dressage?

Irish Sport Horses: Uses The modern Irish Sport Horse excels at every level of competitive Eventing, Show Jumping, and Dressage. Their temperament, durability, and athleticism make the perfect type of horse to succeed in many equine disciplines.

Are Irish sports horses Hardy?

Irish Sport Horse Breeding and Uses When breeders crossed the gentle and hardy Irish draught horse with the energetic and powerful thoroughbred, they created a quality sporting horse. The Irish sport horse is an incredibly versatile breed that excels in many situations.

What breeds of horses originated in Ireland?

Irish Draught

  • Irish Hobby
  • Irish Sport Horse
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  • What is a traditional Irish Horse?

    What is a Traditional Irish Horse? The Traditional Irish Horse (TIH) is the original indigenous Irish Sport Horse breed which was developed here in Ireland 200-300 years ago using the Irish Draught, the Thoroughbred and, to a lesser extent, the Connemara Pony.

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