What are the ranks in Sea Cadets?


What are the ranks in Sea Cadets?

Adult officers

Sea Cadet Unit Officers (NCOs) Warrant Officer 1 (SCC) RNR Petty Officer
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Royal Marine Unit Officers (NCOs) Warrant Officer 1st Class Sergeant
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Do you salute Sea Cadet officers?

Salute all officers who are close enough to be recognized as officers. It is unnecessary to identify an officer by name; however, ensure that he/she is wearing the uniform of an officer. Salute properly and smartly. Avoid saluting in a casual or perfunctory manner.

What is the highest rank in Cadets?

Quick Guide To Cadet Badges And Ranks

  • Rank: Cadet. Requirements: None – cadets need to be aged 12 and in year 8 at school.
  • Rank: Cadet Lance Corporal.
  • Rank: Cadet Corporal.
  • Rank: Cadet Sergeant.
  • Rank: Cadet Staff Sergeant.
  • Rank: Cadet Company Sergeant Major.
  • Rank: Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major.
  • Rank: Cadet Under Officer.

What does a left hand salute mean?

Left Handed Salutes. Actually only the Naval services (Navy and Marine Corps) are authorized to salute with the left hand when necessary. This usually means when your right hand/ arm is incapacitated due to injury but it can also apply at other times.

What is Camp Pendleton known for?

Camp Pendleton is a 325-acre (1.32 km 2) state military reservation in Virginia Beach, Virginia, named after Confederate Brigadier General William N. Pendleton, who served as Robert E. Lee ‘s chief of artillery during the American Civil War. It lies on the Atlantic coast slightly east of Naval Air Station Oceana.

What units were stationed at Camp Pendleton in WW2?

The 50th Coast Artillery Regiment, with 24 mobile 155 mm guns, was organized at Camp Pendleton in February 1942 and elements remained there until December 1942. The 53rd Coast Artillery Regiment was activated there on 20 July 1942 with personnel from an inactivated portion of the 13th Coast Artillery.

How big was Camp Pendleton at its original size?

The Camp Pendleton-State Military Reservation Historic District was designated a historic district and listed on the National Register of Historic Places on September 26, 2005. The camp initially was about 400 acres (160 ha) in size.

How long does it take to get a GED at Camp Pendleton?

The Camp Pendleton program opened in September 1994 (some cite July 1994), is 5 1⁄2 months long and offers a GED program. There are three phases: 2 weeks of indoctrination, 20 weeks of the core program, and a 12-month post-graduation program.