What are the police divisions in Colombo District?


What are the police divisions in Colombo District?

Accordingly following Police divisions will be under Police curfew.

  • Colombo North.
  • Colombo South.
  • Colombo Central.
  • Nugegoda.
  • Kelaniya.
  • Mount Lavinia.

How piliyandala got its name?

Thus, the name Piliyandala is derived from the words ‘Pili+Andi+Dola’ (පිළි+ඇඳි+දොල), meaning the stream where the king had a bath and changed clothes.

What is the region of piliyandala?

SOS Children’s Village Piliyandala is located in the Colombo suburb of the same name, in Colombo District in Sri Lanka’s Western Province.

How many police divisions are there in Gampaha district?

Gampaha District is divided into 13 Divisional Secretary’s Division (DS Divisions), each headed by a Divisional Secretary (previously known as an Assistant Government Agent).

What is the lowest rank in police Sri Lanka?


Gazetted Ranks
Sri Lanka Police
Inspector general of police (IGP) Assistant superintendent of police (ASP)

What is the meaning of ASP in police?

Assistant Superintendent of Police
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) is still in use in India where the officer holding this rank is from Indian Police Service. However, assistant superintendent of police is a probationary rank (till the second year of the career of an IPS officer) and is worn by officers when under training at SVPNPA.

What is the name of Colombo 13?

Bloemendhal Kotahena
Colombo 1- 15; Are You Familiar With These?

Colombo English Name Sinhala Name
12 Hulsfdorf Aluthkade
13 Bloemendhal Kotahena, Kochchikade
14 Grandpass Grandpass
15 Mattakkuliya, Modara, Mutwal, Madampitiya Mattakkuliya, Modara, Mutwal, Madampitiya

Is piliyandala a suburb of Colombo?

Piliyandala is a suburb in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is situated approximately 18 kilometres south of Colombo.

Is piliyandala a district?

Piliyandala in Colombo District is a district of the Western Province of Sri Lanka.

What is the meaning of OIC in police?

officer in charge
The officer in charge (OIC) is the gazetted officer in command of a police station in Sri Lanka. He/she is in charge of most of the investigations of the station and for maintenance of law and order within that police area.

Who is CI in police?

Circle Inspector
CI means the Circle Inspector. Circle inspector is known to be a police officer in charge of a police circle. The police circle consists of more than just one police station.

What is the name of Colombo 14?


What is the name of Colombo 15?

Mattakkuliya is a suburb in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is part of an area referred to as Colombo 15.