What are the most valuable vintage matchbooks?


What are the most valuable vintage matchbooks?

The most expensive matchbook cost $6,000 US dollars and was purchased by Kevin Saucier (USA) in Santa Ana, California, USA, on 3 July 2015. The matchbook was created for a rare Charles Lindbergh dinner celebration dated 14 June 1927.

What makes a matchbook valuable?

Rarity – The fewer copies of a particular matchbook that were produced or remain in existence, the more valuable they are likely to be. Condition – The closer to new or as-new condition collectible matchbooks eBay has listed may be, the more valuable they may be as well.

Do matchbooks have any value?

Somebody in Estonia was selling 10,000 “Vintage, rare, international” matchboxes, and hoping to get $19,999 for them. Most of the items for sale are a little more down-to-Earth, with thousands of offerings priced from about $1.

Are there any matchbook collectors?

The society was founded in 1939 by a group of enthusiastic matchcover collectors in New York City. Today, there are over 9,000 members, including Eadie. Members come from around the U.S., Canada and abroad. The Rathkamp Matchcover Society just marked its 79th annual convention in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

What is a matchbook collector called?

Phillumeny (also known as phillumenism) is the hobby of collecting different match-related items: matchboxes, matchbox labels, matchbooks, matchcovers, matchsafes, etc.

Are matchbooks still made?

Bean and the Diamond Match Company are still in business, but both mostly make matches for the retail sales market — they also make the free matchbooks given out at large-scale businesses like convenience stories. Most match and related packaging manufacturing has moved overseas to Japan, China, and India.

What is the side of a matchbox called?

Safety matches are the kind that light only when struck on the striking surface on the side of a matchbox. A striking surface consists of sand, powdered glass, and a chemical called red phosphorus.

Do matches get old?

Although most boxes are not marked with an expiration date, matches do get old and can loose their ability to light. Good matches are bright red in color (think Santa’s suit) if the color is more along the lines of burgundy or dull red these are typically older matches.

Can matches go in the garbage?

It is completely fine to throw away unused matches. You will need to do a bit of preparation if you want to ensure that they are not going to spontaneously combust. All this means is soaking your matches in water. Once this is done, you can throw them into your standard garbage.

Are old match packs worth anything?

The value of a set is worth at least $3, according to Shedlow, while other covers are worth from a penny and up. According to Shedlow, the true value of any matchbook cover depends on the value to the collector.

Why do people collect matchboxes?

A matchbox or matchbook’s packaging has value for its unique artwork and detailing. Many collectors take pride in amassing large collections of rare labels. They provide an interesting conversation starter, as well as a great way to bring back memories of places, people, and events.

What is the red stripe on a matchbox called?

The reddish-brown strip on a safety match box is made of powdered glass and red phosphorus, not white phosphorus because white phosphorus is highly toxic.

Why are matches called matches?

Etymology. Historically, the term match referred to lengths of cord (later cambric) impregnated with chemicals, and allowed to burn continuously. These were used to light fires and fire guns (see matchlock) and cannons (see linstock).

What should I look for when buying a matchbook cover?

Another item to check is the overall length of the matchcover. Before the advent of vending machines, most old covers were longer than what we’re used to today. Look at this example:

Is that business not being advertised on matchcovers anymore?

NOT BEING ISSUED ANYMORE: Be aware that the fact that “that business doesn’t exist anymore” is meaningless. The vast majority of businesses advertised on matchcovers are gone. Businesses are hit and miss affairs, here today…gone tomorrow. The average lifespan for a business is 10 years!

What are the best types of matchcovers to collect?

Here are at least most of the perennially wanted categories: FULL-FEATURES: For many collectors, Full-Features are the epitome of what matchcover collecting has to offer. Ironically, they always have the matches retained, so these are always ‘full-books’ (covers with matches).

What is a full feature matchcover?

FULL-FEATURES: For many collectors, Full-Features are the epitome of what matchcover collecting has to offer. Ironically, they always have the matches retained, so these are always ‘full-books’ (covers with matches).