What are the 4 quadrants Homestuck?


What are the 4 quadrants Homestuck?

Their understanding of romance is divided into halves, and halved again, producing four quadrants: the FLUSHED QUADRANT, the CALIGINOUS QUADRANT, the PALE QUADRANT, and the ASHEN QUADRANT.

What do the quadrants mean Homestuck?

The Homestuck term “Quadrants” refers to the type of romance experienced by the web comic’s main non-human species, the trolls. This is because, unlike us humans, they have four different types of romantic experiences.

What is a Matespritship?

“When two individuals find themselves in the flushed quadrant together, they are said to be MATESPRITS. Matespritship is the closest parallel to the human concept of romance trolls have. It plays a role in the trolls’ reproductive cycle, just as it does for humans.” — Homestuck, p.

What does Kismesissitude mean?

Kismesissitude is also described as the pitch (or caliginous) quadrant and is denoted by the ♠ symbol. Kismesissitude is what a troll feels towards someone known as their kismesis. It is linked to hatred, and it is necessary that both parties feel equal, balanced hatred towards each other.

What is an Auspistice?

An auspistice is a “facilitator” of some sort between a pair, mediating interactions between them and keeping their relationship functional.

What is Moirail?

Moirallegiance is a portmanteau of “moira” (fated) and “allegiance.” This kind of relationship may be most similar to the Greek concept of φιλία (philia), or “brotherly love”. Informal: palemate. Singular: Moirail.

What is Auspistice?

Auspistice is a portmanteau of “auspicious” (fortunate, promising) and “armistice” (truce.) It may be analogous to the ancient Greek concept of ἀγάπη (agápē), or “selfless love,” since the auspistice doesn’t get anything out of this directly.

What is John’s god tier?

John Egbert shortly after ascension. The god tiers are a series of the highest levels of power available to players of Sburb. Achieving god tier status provides the beneficiary with godlike power in their respective aspect, channeled through their respective class.