What age is Robin Hill for?


What age is Robin Hill for?

The Toboggan run is for all ages. over a year ago. Robin Hill will keep teenagers happy more than its sister park Blackgang Chine which I consider more suitable to children under 12.

Are dogs allowed at Robin Hill?

Well-behaved dogs are welcome in our parks, provided they are always kept on a lead and owners clean up after them.

Can you smoke at Robin Hill?

Is smoking allowed in the park? To make visits for all our guests as comfortable as possible, we’d love to keep Robin Hill as a smoke-free park and ask that guests refrain from smoking anywhere in the park other than the designated smoking areas.

Do you have to book Robin Hill?

To ensure we’re able to continue to allow for a comfortable environment for all our staff and guests, we are still asking all Frequent Visitor Pass holders and visitors purchasing tickets to book online in advance. This will guarantee entry on your chosen date!

Can dogs go to Blackgang Chine?

No dogs please – Blackgang Chine, Ventnor Traveller Reviews – Tripadvisor.

When did Robin Hill Open?

1971Robin Hill / Opened

Can you take dogs in blackgang Chine?

No dogs please – Blackgang Chine.

Is there a weight limit on the chair lift needles?

Is there a weight limit for the chairlift? Yes, 30 stone per chair. Are dogs allowed at The Needles Landmark? Yes, dogs are permitted on site, the beach, and the boat rides.

How dog friendly is the Isle of Wight?

Dogs are very welcome at many of our eat and drink venues, with lots of Isle of Wight pubs more than happy to accommodate dogs inside as well as in their gardens. Water bowl facilities are usually provided as well.

Who owns Robin Hill Country Park?

the Dabell family
Robin Hill is owned by the Dabell family, who also own Blackgang Chine; another Isle of Wight amusement Park located in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.

What rides are at Robin Hill?

Toboggan Run4D Motion CinemaCows ExpressColossus Swinging GalleonThe Big Red Tractor TrainHill Billy & Snake Slides
Robin Hill/Rides

Can you take dogs on Shanklin beach?

Dogs friendly beach? Dogs are banned between May and September; dog bins are provided at other times.

How long is the needles walk?

Walk Overview You’ll also pass a monument to the Victorian poet laureate Alfred Tennyson, a Cold War rocket test site and a 19th century fort along the way, making this an action-packed walk despite its relatively short five-mile length.

How long is the walk down to the needles?

There’s parking available at the Needles Landmark Attraction, for which National Trust members receive a discount (please show membership card). Or why not try the 2-mile walk across the downs from our High Down chalk pit car park where parking is free (SZ 325856)?

Can I take my dog on ferry to Isle of Wight?

Dogs travel free on our three ferry routes linking the Isle of Wight to the south coast – when accompanied by a well-behaved owner. On a clear day, they can amble on the car ferries’ outer decks and when the weather is not so good they can enjoy the short crossing inside the ferries’ dedicated pet areas.