Useful Tips to Write a Good Report


One of the students’ first scientific works is a report that helps not only to learn the topic but also express one’s thoughts correctly and in a beautiful manner. However, not every student knows how to write a good report, as the most difficult thing is to collect material and make a plan for it. This will be discussed in this article.

Writing a work consists of the following steps

Step 1. Choose a subject. As a rule, students are offered options to choose from. So you can take a topic that is really interesting to you because only in this case you will get a good result.

Step 2. Select some literature on the topic (about 10 pieces). Sources need to be studied thoroughly and the basic information selected so that to be interesting, useful and reliable. So you are to take information only from reliable quarters. The best thing to do is to go to the library, as information in textbooks and magazines is more trustworthy.

Step 3. Write a plan. It is necessary to make a plan in such a way that the report will be interesting. Write, first and foremost, not for yourself but for the audience.

Step 4. Summarize and write conclusions.

Step 5. Prepare for additional questions. The teacher can ask you a few questions after the presentation. So it is desirable to prepare and think over all the answers beforehand.

Preparing before writing a report

First of all, decide on the main idea. It is necessary to consider how you will convey the information to the audience so that to keep their attention from the beginning to the end of your speech.

Think about the design of your report in advance. Be sure to consult with your supervisor. Perhaps you will be allowed to design the report papers as you see fit.

Make a sketch. It will help you to understand how your report will look like. Besides that, you are to create a certain structure of your work.

Structure of the report

Before writing, you need to make not only a plan but also the structure. It will help you to write a short and detailed text at the same time. As a rule, the report is written on no more than 5 pages A4.

The main elements of the structure of the report are:

  1. Introduction where the student welcomes the audience.
  2. Introduction in which the speaker makes the audience get interested. The student formulates a relevant and original topic of the research. Tells about the importance of the report, what scientists have worked in this area and indicates the purpose of the work.
  3. The main part where the student tells all the parts of the content. That is, this section reveals the methods of the research, describes in detail all the actions that are associated with obtaining results. Also, the student can talk about the results of the study and summarize the new information that is obtained in the process of the observation.
  4. Conclusion. Here the speaker sums up and finishes his speech.

What to write after the conclusion

You are to write a list of used sources on a new page. It can be articles from magazines, literature, Internet resources, etc.

As a rule, sources are written in alphabetical order, according to all the standards, but it should be clarified by the supervisor. You may be allowed to write the sources on your own.

Some extra tips

Don’t write a report larger than 10 pages, as the work will be more like an essay, which means you have completed the task incorrectly. Remember you will read your report in front of an audience. So it’s necessary to avoid too complex and long sentences, overload of scientific terminology and an abundance of numbers. All this information won’t be received adequately. If numerical data are still required, it is better to make some handouts.

If you follow these rules, you should get an interesting report that will be highly appreciated by your teacher.