Tips for Writing a Structured Academic Paper


Students often have problems with writing tasks, it happens because they don’t really know how to structure their thoughts and work and require a paper writing help. The academic paper should be coherent and unique. It requires special skills and knowledge from you. This article is aimed to show students that there is nothing difficult in writing an academic paper. You will find some hints on writing it here.

Before you write a paper, you should clarify, who your readers are. Your work is a thing that shows your thinking process and who you are in general. Your aim is to show all your advantages and skills in the best possible way.

Understanding the instructions

This thing may seem obvious, but it is necessary to understand what the task is about. Read the task thoroughly and understand what you need to do.

Formatting requirements and style

Different instructors have different requirements and you should be careful with it. Find an information on this issue and don’t forget about writing style. Don’t be lazy, surf the Internet and ask questions even if they seem foolish. Every university has its own website, so you can find all the requirements and examples of the papers there.

Making a plan

An academic paper is a significant work in students’ lives. So, it is necessary to structure it before you start. Those, who will read it want to get a well-structured, easy readable work. These are the main parts of a paper:

  • Introduction;
  • “Body”;
  • Conclusion.

This plan looks simple, but each of the parts has its own key moments. This article will help you to write a worthy academic paper step by step.


This part is always the most important because it introduces the reader to the topic and outlines the main thesis of your work. You should make this part interesting to catch people’s attention and hold it through all text.

So, these are your main goals:

  1. Describe the structure;
  2. Introduce the topic;
  3. Outline the main thesis;
  4. Draw the reader’s attention.

The body

“Body” of the essay includes several paragraphs. There are usually three of them:

1. A topic opening sentences.

It tells what the paragraph will be about.

2. Explanatory sentences.

They help to understand the paper better.

3. Analysis sentences.

The sentences explain how the paragraphs relate to each other.

This part consists of your arguments, which you outlined in the introduction. United body paragraphs are the most important aspect in writing a well-organized and developed essay. It is difficult for readers to read long paragraphs, so don’t write a lot.

Whatever you argue about, give examples, which would definitely support your ideas. The purpose of the academic paper is to give the instructors your personal opinion on a topic you have chosen.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. You should focus every paragraph of your work on the thesis statement.
  2. Do not write one-sentence paragraphs that are not related to each other, it shows a poor language. Each paragraph should be united with each other logically.
  3.  Use linking words to make the text more structured.
  4. Use your own thoughts and ideas.
  5. Don’t overburden the text with odd information.
  6.  Give examples from literature and reliable sources.


Once you have presented all your arguments, sum it up in the conclusion. Summarize all the discoveries you have made. If you have some new thoughts, the conclusion is the best part to express them. Don’t make your conclusion very long. You should finish it with a strong statement to persuade readers that you proved all you have said in the main part.


The academic paper includes an important part, it’s bibliography. It should include every source you have used while writing your work, don’t forget to check how to make bibliography properly.

After finishing all the parts, take a break and then, after some time, check everything thoroughly. Read over your paper, check punctuation, grammar and formatting. Online sources are very useful to check spelling and grammar.

So, take your time and correct all mistakes. If you followed all these simple rules, your work would be structured and well written.