Is Thermomix friend available in Australia?


Is Thermomix friend available in Australia?

Today, the manufacturers of Thermomix, Vorwerk, have announced they are currently engineering the next Thermomix accessory, Thermomix Friend®, which is estimated to arrive in Australia and New Zealand mid-2021.

Are all Thermomix cookbooks on Cookidoo?

All the recipes in Thermomix® cookbooks can be found in Cookidoo® in digital format.

Do you need a subscription for Thermomix?

No. You can keep using Cookidoo® the same way without a subscription. Your recipe library consists of any Thermomix recipe collections that you have purchased or Recipe Chips that you have activated. If you have a Cook-Key® then you can access your Thermomix recipes on your TM5 touch screen for guided cooking.

How much is a Thermomix subscription?

just $69
Cookidoo® has thousands of triple-tested recipes with new recipes added all the time. With an annual subscription of just $69 – it’s less than $1.33/week for inspiration to create a lifetime of great meals.

Who owns Thermomix Australia?

Grace Mazur
Grace Mazur, founder and owner of Thermomix in Australia. “We go through stages and this is one of the challenges that has come up,” she says. “With over 3000 consultants we haven’t had any other experiences like that.

Can you use Cookidoo without a Thermomix?

No, the TM6 comes with Simple Ideas, our new welcome book with recipes ready to use. To access our library of more than 70,000 recipes and get inspired on how to use your TM6, you can register on

How do I access my international Cookidoo?

How to find the right Cookidoo platform for me


How do I peel garlic in the Thermomix?

Separate the garlic cloves from the bulb. Add to the Thermomix bowl and mix for 4 sec/reverse/speed 4. Remove from the Thermomix bowl and separate the shells and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

Can you use Thermomix without Cookidoo?

You can use Thermomix without using the Cookidoo platform. There are plenty of Thermomix recipes to be found online, with instructions on how to make them manually in the Thermomix. Guided cooking and viewing recipes on the Thermomix screen is only available via Cookidoo.

Is the Cookidoo app free?

Your 30-day free trial will allow you to create weekly meals, shopping lists, detailed lists of your family’s favorites, shop online, and access over 70,000 recipes, all seamlessly synced across multiple devices to take the guesswork out of cooking so you focus your time on what matters most.

How do I add countries to Cookidoo?

Once you click the “Filters” button, scroll down until you see “Country or Region”. From there, you can select all of the countries you wish to view and deselect the country you do not want to view.