Is there anything to do in Montana?


Is there anything to do in Montana?

20 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions & Things to Do in Montana

  • Glacier National Park.
  • Explore a National Forest.
  • Hit the Slopes at Big Sky Resort.
  • Fly Fish Blue Ribbon Waterways.
  • Meet the Residents at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center.
  • Unearth History at the Museum of the Rockies.
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park.

What is Montana best known for?

The state rightfully earned its motto, “oro y plata,” spanish for “gold and silver.” The Treasure State is known for its abundant natural and mineral resources, including coal, copper, gold, manganese, sapphire, silver, lead, oil and zinc. 5.

What is the most important place in Montana?

As the name suggests, this is the western entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. In addition to serving as the entry point to one of the world’s most incredible national parks, which is home to attractions like Old Faithful, West Yellowstone boasts the extensive collections of the Yellowstone Museum.

What is the best month to go to Montana?

The best times to visit Montana are in the summer months between June and August, when the weather is sunny and warm, and between December and March when it’s ski season. As Montana is a destination that is all about outdoor fun, these are the times where you can play in nature with an optimal climate.

Can you see the northern lights in Montana?

Did you know that you can see the Northern Lights in Big Sky? While it’s not an everyday occurrence, the Northern Lights are most certainly visible in the great state of Montana. If you’re in Big Sky Country, you might just catch a glimpse of the legendary Northern Lights.

What is the prettiest part of Montana?

11 Unimaginably Beautiful Places In Montana That You Must See Before You Die

  • Missoula’s “M” Trail.
  • Bighorn Canyon.
  • The Whitefish Range.
  • Logan Pass, Glacier National Park.
  • Makoshika State Park, Glendive.
  • Palisade Falls, Bozeman.
  • Wild Goose Island Viewpoint, St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park.
  • Flathead Lake.

What national parks are in Montana?


  • National Battlefield. Big Hole. Wisdom, MT.
  • National Recreation Area. Bighorn Canyon.
  • National Historic Site. Fort Union Trading Post.
  • National Park. Glacier.
  • National Historic Site. Grant-Kohrs Ranch.
  • National Geologic Trail. Ice Age Floods.
  • National Historic Trail. Lewis & Clark.
  • National Monument. Little Bighorn Battlefield.

What are fun facts about Montana?

The state animal of Montana is the Grizzly Bear. Montana is home to the most number of golden eagles in the United States of America. Butte, a city in Montana, has a rich mining history and is known as the richest hill on Earth. The first national park in the world, Yellowstone National Park is situated in Montana.

Is Montana safe for tourists?

Montana is truly one of the safest states that you can visit when you are traveling in the United States. Whether you are visiting the rural towns in the area or checking out National Parks in the state, you can expect to have a safe and fun experience no matter where you are traveling.

What is the coldest month in Montana?

The coldest month of the year in Montana City is December, with an average low of 14°F and high of 31°F.

What is the best town to visit in Montana?

14 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Montana

  • Helena.
  • Flathead Lake.
  • Great Falls.
  • Philipsburg and Anaconda.
  • Livingston. Downtown Livingston | Edwin & Kelly Tofslie / photo modified.
  • Virginia City. Ghost town of Virginia City.
  • Little Bighorn National Monument. Little Bighorn Indian Memorial.
  • Billings. Rimrock Drive in Billings.

What are the best months to visit Montana?

Why do tourists go to Montana?

Wide Open Spaces. They don’t call Montana “Big Sky Country” for nothing. The state is one of America’s last frontiers, bursting with breathtaking scenery, an abundance of wildlife and unobstructed views of pure blue sky as far as the eye can see.

What is the best time to visit Montana?

Summer: The state has fantastic attributes at all times of the year, but summer is the best time to visit Montana. Snow melts from high mountain passes, the days are long, and adventures are aplenty. The summer is also the best time to visit Glacier National Park, when the Going-to-the-Sun Road is fully accessible.

How far is Glacier from Yellowstone?

441 miles
How long does it take to drive from Yellowstone to Glacier? The driving distance between Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park is 441 miles. It takes approximately 7h 59m to drive from Glacier National Park to Yellowstone National Park.

What are the best attractions in Montana?

Top Attractions in Montana. 1. Yellowstone National Park. ” Yellowstone is the world’s first national park in the world which located mostly in the state of Wyoming. “. 2. Lamar Valley. ” This vast valley is home to all sorts of animals that call the park home. “.

What are the best places to visit in Montana?

Bozeman. Bozeman,in the southwest of Montana,is a great place if you’re seeking clean,fresh air and a relaxing environment.

  • Whitefish. Whitefish,near Glacier National Park,is a popular ski destination.
  • Hamilton.
  • Polson.
  • Lewistown.
  • West Yellowstone.
  • Anaconda.
  • Butte.
  • Stevensville.
  • Choteau.
  • What are the best things to see in Montana?

    Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. The Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center is a not-for-profit wildlife park and museum in the town of West Yellowstone whose primary mission is to

  • World Museum of Mining. The World Museum of Mining,based in Butte,documents the critical role mining played in the development of Montana.
  • Bozeman Brewery Tour.
  • What are some famous landmarks in Montana?

    What are some famous landmarks in Montana? The historic trail diverges through some of Montana’s most beautiful natural scenery. Lewis & Clark made a wealth of discoveries in Montana, where they traversed more land than any other state. The most famous of landmarks along their historic trail is Giant Springs.