Is the Yamaha FD01S a good guitar?


Is the Yamaha FD01S a good guitar?

The Yamaha FD01S is a premium solid-top guitar with superior tone and projection. While suitable for intermediate to professional players, the FD01S is the perfect first guitar, providing an outstanding value that won’t break the bank.

Is the Yamaha FS800 a full size guitar?

The FS Series FS800 from Yamaha is a full-size concert-style acoustic guitar made with a solid spruce top, and nato/okume back and sides with a natural finish. The compact concert-style FS body is 10mm slimmer than the larger dreadnought-style FG body, providing increased comfort with no loss of volume or bass.

What kind of guitar is Yamaha FS800?

Concert Acoustic Guitar
Compare to Similar Best Sellers

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Neck Wood Nato Nato
Neck Shape Standard Standard
Radius 15.75″ 15.75″
Fingerboard Material Walnut Rosewood

Is Yamaha FD01S a dreadnought?

The Yamaha acoustic FD01S is an excellent starter guitar. It is a full-sized dreadnought guitar and has a solid spruce top.

Is the Yamaha FS800 a good guitar?

Specifically, Yamaha’s FS series of guitars is incredibly strong. Debuting about 50 years ago, the FS series was created to provide an affordable, quality experience in the beginner guitar market. Today, Yamaha has plenty of different offerings in the beginner guitar market, and one of the strongest ones is the FS800.

What is difference between FS800 and FG800?

The FG800, being bigger and heavier, delivers a bit higher sustain and bass, while its smaller brother, the FS800, has a bit warmer sound. These differences in sound are almost unnoticeable while playing, and frankly, don’t really matter, especially to a beginner guitarist.

Is Yamaha FS800 solid top?

The FS800 is a solid-top guitar with authentic sound that is well-balanced without sacrificing its robust strength, thanks to the newly developed scalloped bracing design. It can confidently be recommended to all beginner guitarists.

Is Yamaha FD01S full size?

What is the difference between a folk and a dreadnought guitar?

Notice that the folk style guitar has dimensions very similar to the classical guitar from the previous photo. It is both smaller and have more distinct curves than the dreadnought.

Is the Yamaha FG800 good for beginners?

The Yamaha FG800 is probably the most popular acoustic guitar for beginners. It’s also one of the most popular budget-level acoustic guitars in the market right now. The main reason is how much value it adds to the money you pay. You wouldn’t find anything similar anywhere else.