Is the Toyota Kluger fuel efficient?


Is the Toyota Kluger fuel efficient?

Is the Toyota Kluger Fuel Efficient? Depending on which engine you opt for, the Kluger’s economy figures range from underwhelming to extremely impressive for a car of this size. V6 petrol units are rated at 8.7L per 100km for front-wheel drive variants while all-wheel drive Klugers return a figure of 8.9L per 100km.

Why is it called the Kluger?

The word “Kluger” (pronounced Klu-ger), means “someone who is smarter than another” in German. The Highlander was also known as the Kluger on the Japanese market from 2000 to 2007, but the crossover was discontinued with the release of the second-generation model.

How many Litres is a Toyota Kluger?

3.5L 6-cylinder petrol engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission, AWD.

Can Kluger AWD go off-road?

Kluger’s only concessions to all-road ability are its modest ride height, electronic traction control and hill descent control. It works well for graded dirt tracks and slippery surfaces like snow and ice, but LandCruisers remain the real 4X4 off-roaders in the Toyota line up.

What is a Toyota Kluger called in Japan?

The Toyota Highlander, also known as the Toyota Kluger (Japanese: トヨタ・クルーガー, Hepburn: Toyota Kurūgā), is a mid-size crossover SUV with three-row seating produced by Toyota since 2000.

Which fuel is best for Toyota Kluger?

Premium Unleaded Petrol
TOYOTA claims the Kluger GXL AWD uses 8.8L/100km of Premium Unleaded Petrol in the combined city and highway cycle while putting out 205g of CO2. It has a 68L fuel tank, meaning it should be able to travel 773km per full tank.

How much petrol does a Kluger use?

There is only one engine available in the Kluger, a 3.5-litre petrol V6. In all-wheel drive Klugers, it consumes 9.5 litres/100km in the official test (urban and country combined). Front-drive Klugers do a bit better.

What is the difference between AWD 4WD and 4X4?

The difference between AWD and 4WD is that AWD is typically always on while you have the ability to toggle between having 4WD on and off. 4WD is an addition you’ll usually find on a truck, while AWD is more for cars and SUVs.

Is Highlander a 7 seater?

Toyota Highlander For families that need a little extra space, this Toyota 7-seater SUV has a functional interior with three rows of seating and fold-flat third-row seats when not in use. Help keep everyone comfortable in the back with standard three-zone automatic climate control and available second-row sunshades.