Is teff better than alfalfa?


Is teff better than alfalfa?

Research studies have compared teff consumption to timothy or alfalfa. Although teff hay is fine stemmed, leafy and ‘soft,’ when horses had timothy or alfalfa they usually didn’t touch the teff hay, if they had the choice. “In those studies, the horses preferred the timothy or the alfalfa.

What is the difference between teff hay and timothy hay?

Timothy grass tends to have the same values. Actually, out of all the grasses, I would compare teff to timothy as the most similar in nutritive values. LOWER AVERAGE NON-STRUCTURAL CARBOHYDRATES: Teff grass is what plant biologists call a C4 grass.

Does teff hay put on weight?

Teff Grass provides the horse with plenty of fiber, making the horse satisfied and full, but because of the low sugar and starch content, it does not fuel weight gain like many other forages may.

Do horses like teff grass?

Palatability – Teff is fine stemmed, leafy and “soft” which is very palatable to horses. Low Sugar Solution – The high fiber, low sugar and starch content make this a rescue feed for horses suffering from many, and some debilitating, disease conditions.

Is teff a good hay?

Nutritive value of Teff is comparable to Timothy, making it excellent forage for horses and other livestock (see table 1). Palatability and animal acceptance has been reported to be very good by horse owners. Protein content of Teff hay ranges from 12-17% depending on the growth stage or maturity.

What is the best hay to feed horses?

Best Hay Types for Horses

  • 1.) Alfalfa. Alfalfa hay is high-protein legume hay from the ‘pea’ family.
  • 2.) Clover. Clover hay is the other legume hay suitable for horses but not as popular with horse owners.
  • 3.) Timothy Grass.
  • 4.) Orchardgrass.
  • 5.) Fescue.
  • 6.) Reed Canary Grass.
  • 7.) Bluegrass.
  • 8.) Bromegrass.

What is the best hay for older horses?

A reduction in fiber fermentation means that older horses receive less nutrients from forage resulting in higher quality forages being required. Alfalfa hay and good quality grass hays are preferable to stemmy and mature hays that have tougher fiber to ferment.

How much does teff hay cost?

“We’re finding that teff will bring a premium price in the horse-hay market. For teff that is testing less than 10% nonstructural carbohydrates, the median price from 2016 to 2018 was $240 per ton. For producers I work with, my goal is to get them at least $250 per ton,” she added.

How long does teff grass last?

In recent years researchers in the U.S. have discovered that Teff Grass makes a good one year hay crop. It’s rapid re-growth after cutting can provide two to three harvests in a summer even though it is commonly not planted until June.

What is the best hay mix for horses?

What is the best hay mixture for horses? Mixed or mixed-grass hay usually means that it has different types of grasses in it. Common mixes are timothy/alfalfa, orchardgrass/ alfalfa, and orchardgrass/clover. The best hay mix for most horses, without any health problems, is one-half Alfalfa and one-half Timothy.

What is the best hay for horses?