Is SFU or UBC better for Psychology?


Is SFU or UBC better for Psychology?

if you are ever considering doing research, taking psych at ubc would be the better choice. I have friends who graduated with a Pysc degree from both UBC and SFU. End results were the same, both didn’t find a job in the field. It is your undergraduate’s degree, it does not matter which university get it from.

Is UBC good for Psychology?

UBC’s Department of Psychology ranks 10th in the world and first in Canada by Times Higher Education World University Rankings. UBC Psychology is a world leader in innovative research with over 45 laboratories across eight sub-disciplines.

Which university is better SFU or UBC?

University of British Columbia ranks #3 nationally, while Simon Fraser University ranks #1 as Canadian Comprehensive University. The national rankings for SFU is #11.

Is Simon Fraser prestigious?

Times Higher Education (THE) has announced that Simon Fraser University is tied as the 8th top-ranked university in Canada for 2022, moving up from 11th position in 2021. SFU has jumped to the top 201-250 universities in the world—previously the university was within the 251-300 world ranking.

How many students are at UBC psychology?

Psychology is the most popular undergraduate major at UBC with over 1,900 students working towards their BA or BSc degrees.

Is UBC psych hard to get into?

Clinical psych is tough to get into, and lots of psych profs emphasized that with good reason. Out of hundreds of applicants per school, most will accept six to seven students per admissions cycle. You’ll be told this a lot as a psych major. UBC is ranked as a top psychology program in Canada.

What are the best programs at SFU?

Simon Fraser University Subject Rankings

  • #239. in Arts and Humanities.
  • #314. in Biology and Biochemistry (tie)
  • #879. in Chemistry (tie)
  • #493. in Clinical Medicine.
  • #192. in Computer Science (tie)
  • #144. in Economics and Business.
  • #357. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • #760. in Engineering (tie)

What faculty is SFU known for?

Home to the Schools of Computing Science, Engineering Science, Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Sustainable Energy Engineering, the Faculty of Applied Sciences’ unique programs, hands-on practical training and immersive learning opportunities put our students on the path to becoming global leaders in technology.

Is it hard to get into Simon Fraser University?

SFU has an acceptance rate of 59 percent; thus, admission to this university is relatively easy. As long as a student meets the admission requirement and has competitive scores, getting into SFU is not difficult.

How much does a psychology degree cost at the UBC?


Fees Canadian Citizen / Permanent Resident / Refugee / Diplomat International
Tuition per installment $1,767.18 $3,104.64
Tuition per year (plus annual increase, usually 2%-5%) $5,301.54 $9,313.92
Int. Tuition Award (ITA) per year (if eligible) $3,200.00 (-)
Other Fees and Costs

Is a UBC degree prestigious?

The most established and influential global rankings all consistently place UBC in the top five per cent of universities in the world.

What is Simon Fraser University Good For?

SFU ranks among Canada’s top 15 research universities and enjoys the fastest growing research income, having surpassed $100-million in 2013 and reached $167.3-million in 2020. SFU students can access academic and research opportunities through 3,100+ international research partnerships in 128 countries.