Is Inimically a word?


Is Inimically a word?

Unfriendly; hostile: a cold, inimical voice. [Late Latin inimīcālis, from Latin inimīcus, enemy; see enemy.] in·im′i·cal·ly adv.

What is Inimicable?

Inimicable definition (rare) Inimical (harmful, hostile).

What’s the meaning of ensconce?

to place or hide securely
ensconce \in-SKAHNSS\ verb. 1 : to place or hide securely : conceal. 2 : to establish or settle firmly, comfortably, or snugly.

What does laconically mean?

: using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious.

What’s the definition of calamitous?

Definition of calamitous : being, causing, or accompanied by calamity calamitous events a calamitous earthquake.

What’s ululation mean?

: to utter a loud, usually protracted, high-pitched, rhythmical sound especially as an expression of sorrow, joy, celebration, or reverence : howl … eight singers took to the aisle, dancing with ferocious energy as the chorus sang, ululated and clapped in an exuberant, multisensory ode to joy.—

Is Inamicable a word?

Adjective. Not amicable; unfriendly or hostile. The children suffered through their parents’ inamicable divorce. The peace talks became inamicable and the participants fired insults at each other.

What is the opposite of amicably?

Opposite of characterized by friendliness and absence of discord. hostile. unfriendly. antagonistic. bellicose.

What does Volable mean?

volable in British English (ˈvɒləbəl ) adjective. quick-witted. Collins English Dictionary.

How do you Ululate?

Located somewhere between singing and yelling, ululation occupies a unique position in the spectrum of human vocality. The sound is created by touching the tongue either to the sides of the mouth or the teeth in rapid succession, and it is characterized by a piercing sound quality enacted in the upper vocal register.

Why do Africans Ululate?

It is a general sound of good cheer and celebration, when good news has been delivered in a place of gathering, even in church. It is also an integral part of most African weddings where women gather around the bride and groom, dancing and ululating exuberantly.

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