Is Gencode the same as Ensembl?


Is Gencode the same as Ensembl?

In practical terms, the GENCODE annotation is essentially identical to the Ensembl annotation.

Is Ensembl curated?

Ensembl genes contain both automated genome annotation and manual curation, while the gene set of GENCODE corresponds to Ensembl annotation since GENCODE version 3c (equivalent to Ensembl 56). AceView provides a comprehensive non-redundant curated representation of all available human cDNA sequences.

What are Ensembl gene ID?

An Ensembl stable ID consists of five parts: ENS(species)(object type)(identifier). (version). The first part, ‘ENS’, tells you that it’s an Ensembl ID. The second part is a three-letter species code. For human, there is no species code so IDs are in the form ENS(object type)(identifier).

What is the difference between transcript and gene?

While most genes are associated with multiple transcripts, each transcript is only assigned to a single gene (at least in databases). In other words, different genes never share the same transcript.

How does Ensembl annotate genes?

The Ensembl gene annotation process (Figure 1) can be divided into four main phases: Genome Preparation, Protein-coding Model Building, Filtering and Gene Set Finalization. Each stage is described below, along with a selection of new methods. We also describe methods for post-release updates to a gene set. Figure 1.

How do I get my gene ID from Ensembl?

Click “Filters” (left menu) and expand GENE. Choose “Ensembl Transcript ID(s)” and paste your ID(s) or upload a file of IDs. Click “Attributes” (left menu) and expand GENE. Check Ensembl Gene ID, Transcript ID and Protein ID.

How do you reference Ensembl?

To reference Ensembl, cite our most recent review overview article. A list of our publications can be found at our publications page. In your work you should include the Ensembl release (eg version 69) you extracted data from, as this allows your future readers to find the data you used.

How do I read Ensembl ID?


  1. The first part, ‘ENS’, tells you that it’s an Ensembl ID.
  2. The second part is a three-letter species code.
  3. The third part is a one- or two-letter object type.
  4. The identifier is the number to that object.
  5. Versions indicate how many times that model has changed during its time in Ensembl.

How many Ensembl gene IDs are there?

I have a gene quantification matrix and I can see there are around ~ 60K Ensembl gene IDs. How can there be more (almost double) gene IDs than total number of genes in human genome? Can multiple gene IDs map to one gene? If yes, what is the purpose of having multiple gene IDs for one gene symbol?

What is GTF annotation file?

The Gene transfer format (GTF) is a file format used to hold information about gene structure. It is a tab-delimited text format based on the general feature format (GFF), but contains some additional conventions specific to gene information.

What is Ensembl BioMart?

Ensembl BioMart shows results for protein-coding genes when protein-associated attributes are chosen. Non-coding genes that pass filters will not be shown in the results if certain protein-associated attributes are chosen.

What is Ensembl Vep?

The Ensembl VEP is a powerful tool that allows you to input a list of genetic variants and determines which genes are affected and how.