Is CET MBA exam tough?


Is CET MBA exam tough?

The MBA CET 2020for MBA admission was marked with a lengthy and difficult Logical & Abstract Reasoning. While Quantitative Aptitude section remained moderate, Verbal Ability was on higher difficulty side….Overall MBA CET 2020 Analysis.

Total questions 200
Overall Exam Difficulty level Moderate to difficult

Is Mah MBA CET easy?

Overall difficulty level of MAH CET 2020 exam was moderate. Apart from Logical Reasoning section, all the sections were of easy to moderate difficulty level. A good attempt of 135-140 questions would fetch 99 percentile. Read below, detailed MAH CET analysis 2020 and know expected MAH CET cut off for admission 2020.

What are the questions asked in MBA CET exam?

MH-CET is a multiple choice objective type test that consists of questions in the following areas: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical/Abstract Reasoning. There are a total of 200 questions to be solved in a span of 150 minutes.

What is good score in MBA CET?

Toppers of MAH MBA CET 2020 No candidate bagged 100 percentile. 16 candidates scored 99.99 percentile with different CET scores. 7 candidates scored 99.98 percentile.

Is MBA CET easy than CAT?

Held by the Maharashtra State Common Entrance Test Cell, MAH CET is an MBA entrance exam that offers admission to over 300 B-Schools across Maharashtra. The exam is relatively easier than CAT which makes it very popular among MBA aspirants of Maharashtra.

What is the passing marks in CET?

A candidate must have passed 12th with PCM/PCB with a minimum aggregate of 45% marks (40% for reserved category).

Can we use calculator in CET MBA?

(5) Please note, Use of calculators, books, note books or written notes, cell phones, or any other electronic device will not be allowed during the examination.

Which is easier Cmat or CET?

Answer. MH-CET is easier for getting more percentile.

Is math necessary for MBA?

No, maths is not required in 12th/graduation to be eligible for MBA . This is because, To be eligible for MBA you just need to have graduation degree in any discipline it doesn’t matter whether you have studied maths in 12th/graduation or not.

Which is tougher CET or CAT?

Is MAH CET easier than CAT? MAH CET is considered relatively easier than CAT as it is a state level exam while the latter one is a national level exam. More candidates sit for CAT than MAH CET which makes the difficulty level of the exam and admission through CAT a bit more difficult.

Is 140 a good score in MHT CET?

This year, 99.87 percentile was equivalent to MHT CET score of 122 whereas score of 101 was equivalent to 98.1 percentile….MHT CET 2022 Marks vs Percentile Analysis.

MHT CET 2021 Marks MHT CET 2021 Percentile
150-160 99.00+
130-150 98.00-99.00
110-140 96.00-98.00
100-110 95.00-96.00

Is mehendi allowed in CET?

Yes mehendi is allowed, I kept mehendi and was allowed to write afcat.