Is caim dead in Drakengard?


Is caim dead in Drakengard?

Finally giving up hope for her, Caim orders Angelus to kill them. An unknown time later, when Caim and Angelus are flying around, a rogue dragon kills Caim, knocking him off of Angelus. She pursues him, eventually catching his lifeless body.

Who is Nowe?

Nowe is the principal protagonist in Drakengard 2. Raised by a dragon and a member of the Knights of the Seal, Nowe has a strong sense of justice. He one of The New Breed, and the only one of his kind.

How many endings does Drakengard 2 have?

three endings
The game has three endings, each achieved on a separate playthrough.

Does Drakengard 2 have multiple endings?

Drakengard Had Multiple Endings Because Taro Yoko Was Told There Wouldn’t Be A Sequel.

Who is Emil NieR?

Emil is the younger twin brother of Halua. He is a young boy that joins Nier’s party towards the end of the first half of NieR, cursed (or as otherwise reassured by the party, blessed) with the ability to turn anyone who sees his eyes to stone.

Why is drakengard 2 not canon?

Drakengard 2 was not developed by Yoko Taro and is officially not part of the NieR canon. In fact, Drakengard is only canon thanks to its “joke ending”. It’s odd. It’s Yoko Taro.

How is Nier related to Drakengard?

Nier originated when Yoko and Shiba teamed up to create a third Drakengard game. As the project continued, it became more detached from the main continuity and eventually developed into an entirely new spin-off. Despite what it became, Yoko has stated that he considers Nier to be the true Drakengard 3.

Is Nier in love with Kaine?

Nier outright says he loves Kaine during the final battle and even kisses her at the end of Ending C. Ending D has Nier outright sacrificing his life for Kaine, which is a deep act of love in itself.

Why does 2B have her eyes covered?

The character’s creator, Yoko Taro, has stated that he believes the character resonated with players due to her personality and design. The decision for 2B to wear a blindfold was due to the lack of other protagonists who had their eyes covered, and was unexpectedly popular.

Is 2B related to Kaine?

2B looks like some sort of interpolation of Kaine and young Nier like if she is their doughter that combined both of their looks with more of younger Nier influence. Also Adam and Eve had very much older Nier + Kaine look. There is also something from Yonah in them.