Is Assad backed by Iran?


Is Assad backed by Iran?

Iran has stepped up support on the ground for Syrian President Assad, providing hundreds more military specialists to gather intelligence and train troops. This further backing from Tehran, along with deliveries of munitions and equipment from Moscow, is helping to keep Assad in power.

Are Turkey and Iran allies?

Trade relations Iran and Turkey have very close trade and economic relations. Both countries are part of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO). Bilateral trade between the nations is increasing.

What is the relationship between Syria and Iran?

Syria and Iran are strategic allies. Syria is usually called Iran’s “closest ally”, with ideological conflict between the Arab nationalism ideology of Syria’s secular ruling Ba’ath Party and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s pan-Islamist policy notwithstanding.

Who is ruling Syria now?

Bashar al-Assad is the 20th and current president of Syria. Bashar is the son of former president, Hafez al-Assad, who was the longest-serving president serving 29 years. Bashar is currently the second longest-serving president marking the 21st year of his presidency in 2021 when he entered the post on 17 July 2000.

Where was Bashar al-Assad born?

Damascus, SyriaBashar al-Assad / Place of birth

Is Assad letting Iran expand its influence in Syria?

But Assad was careful to never let Iran expand its influence in Syria as it later did in Lebanon through Hezbollah. The desperation of his son and successor Bashar al-Assad has given Iran’s expansionists their chance.

Did Bashar al Assad meet Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei?

Nour News, a website close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, reported that Mr Al Assad met Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Ebrahim Raisi. It said the leaders praised the strong ties between their nations and vowed to boost relations further.

How did Bashar al Assad become so powerful?

To establish his credentials in the military, Bashar entered the military academy at Homs in 1994 and was propelled through the ranks to become a colonel of the elite Syrian Republican Guard in January 1999.

Is the Assad government secular or sectarian?

The Assad government describes itself as secular, while some political scientists write that his regime exploits sectarian tensions in the country and relies upon the Alawite minority to remain in power.