Is Arjun Coomaraswamy married?


Is Arjun Coomaraswamy married?

Natasha SandhuArjun / Spouse (m.?–2018)

On 29 September 2018, Arjun released a statement: the loss of his wife Natasha Sandhu. She was his publicist and an integral part of his music career. She died due to a sudden cardiac arrest on 20 September 2018. On 3 December 2019, he released the song “One Last Time” dedicated to her.

Where is Arjun singer from?

Colombo, Sri LankaArjun / Place of birthColombo is the commercial capital and largest city of Sri Lanka by population. According to the Brookings Institution, Colombo metropolitan area has a population of 5.6 million, and 752,993 in the Municipality. It is the financial centre of the island and a tourist destination. Wikipedia

What is the age of Guru Randhawa?

30 years (August 30, 1991)Guru Randhawa / Age

What is the age of Arjun kanungo?

31 years (September 6, 1990)Arjun Kanungo / Age

How long was Arjun and Natasha married?

7 months
Natasha & Arjun (@arjunartist) had been together for 10 years and married for just 7 months when Natasha tragically passed away due to a rare heart condition.

Where is Arjun Coomaraswamy from?

Colombo, Sri LankaArjun / Place of birth

Who is Guru Randhawa’s GF?

Guru Randhawa shared a super-hot photo featuring rumoured girlfriend Nora Fatehi on Instagram.

How tall is Arjun kanungo in feet?

6′ 4″Arjun Kanungo / Height

How tall is Kriti Kharbanda?

5′ 1″Kriti Kharbanda / Height

Who is Natasha Sandhu?

It’s all too easy to pigeonhole influencers as vain and vacuous, but Natasha Sandhu, West Essex Life’s exciting new columnist, is anything but… Astute, eloquent, caring and compassionate, her opinions clearly matter to her 384k followers.

How many wives Arjun have?

four wives
Some notable incidents during the first exile were Arjuna’s marriages with princesses Ulupi, Chitrāngadā and Subhadra. From his four wives, Arjuna had four sons, one from each wife — Shrutakarma, Iravan, Babhruvahana and Abhimanyu.

What is the height of Arjun kanungo?