How much is parking at Peoria Civic Center?


How much is parking at Peoria Civic Center?

$10 per space
The Peoria Civic Center Fulton lot located on the corner of Fulton St and Monroe St. The Fulton lot is ideal for patrons accessing events in the arena, exhibit halls A,B, or C, meeting rooms 135-222 or in the theater. Parking in the Fulton lot is $10 per space (unless noted during special events).

What time do the doors open at Peoria Civic Center?

Please plan on arriving at all events with enough time to pass through security lines. Typically, doors open 1 hour prior to an event start time. Please refer to the individual event details for more information. The Peoria Civic Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Who owns Peoria Civic Center?

City of Peoria

Peoria Civic Center
Renovation cost $55 million ($76.3 million in 2021 dollars)
Owner City of Peoria
Technical details
Size Exhibit halls: 108,668 sq ft (10,095.6 m2) Meeting/breakout rooms: 17,355 sq ft (1,612.3 m2) Ballrooms: 28,667 sq ft (2,663.3 m2) Arena: 27,400 sq ft (2,550 m2) Theater: 7,000 sq ft (650 m2)

How many seats are in the Peoria Civic Center Theatre?

11,442Peoria Civic Center / Capacity

Is Peoria Civic Center cashless?

Cashless transactions are required at all concession stands. Re-entry is not permitted for Theater or Arena events. Patrons who exit the venue for any reason, including to smoke, will not be allowed to re-enter the facility. All safety & security policies can be found here.

Can you smoke in the Peoria Civic Center?

Smoking inside the Peoria Civic Center is prohibited by law. The Peoria Civic Center treats Electronic cigarettes like regular cigarettes. Smoking areas are located outside the facility. Signs are posted to assist you.

When did Peoria Civic Center open?

1982Peoria Civic Center / Opened

What was the first concert at the Peoria Civic Center?

Read about astrotourism adventures, educational civil rights sites, tasty food trails and more travel ideas in Go Escape Summer magazine. The Peoria Civic Center opened June 6, 1982; the next day, Kenny Rogers played the first concert there to a sell-out throng.

How big is the Peoria Civic Center?

With 27,400 square feet of floor space, the arena can accommodate 140 booth spaces on the floor and an additional 70 booths around the outer concourse. READY TO BOOK YOUR EVENT? Receive an quote for your upcoming event, by completing the Request For Proposal form.

How old is the Peoria Civic Center?

40Peoria Civic Center / Age (c. 1982)