How much is a train ticket from Antwerp to Brussels?


How much is a train ticket from Antwerp to Brussels?

Antwerp to Brussels by train

Journey time From 34m
Price From €9.50
Distance 26 miles (42 km)
Frequency 57 trains per day
First train 00:05

How do I get from Brussels to Antwerp?

Antwerp to Brussels train services, operated by Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB), depart from Anvers-Central station. Train or bus from Antwerp to Brussels? The best way to get from Antwerp to Brussels is to train which takes 41 min and costs €6 – €9. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €5 – €9 and takes 1h.

How long is train journey from Brussels to Antwerp?

It takes an average of 50m to travel from Brussels to Antwerp by train, over a distance of around 26 miles (42 km). There are normally 57 trains per day travelling from Brussels to Antwerp and tickets for this journey start from €9.50 when you book in advance.

How much is a taxi from Brussels airport to Antwerp?

around 120€
You have three different transfer options from Brussels airport to Antwerp, taxi, bus and train. A taxi takes 36 minutes and costs around 120€, the direct train takes 31 minutes and costs 11.80€ one-way, while the direct Airport Express bus costs just 10€ one-way and takes 45 minutes.

What is Antwerp best known for?

Antwerp is known as the diamond capital of the world and the diamond industry plays an important role in the economy of the city and has done throughout its history. During the 16th Century the city was one of the most important places, and one of the most important ports in all of Europe.

Can you drink alcohol on trains in Belgium?

Pack A Picnic: You’re allowed to bring your own food and alcohol on trains. It’s great for those long train rides.

How many days should I spend in Antwerp?

While many people will do a day trip to Antwerp from London, seeing only the main attractions in the city centre. To really get a better feel of the city and going beyond the touristy things. I recommend spending two days in Antwerp, it’s the ideal amount of time to see all that this little city has to offer.

What food is Antwerp known for?

What to eat and drink in Antwerp:

  • Frites and friteries. The Belgian chip is basically ‘French Fry’ in style, thin, golden and crispy dunked in mayonnaise, rather than thick and soggy with malt vinegar like British chips.
  • Croquettes.
  • Moules frites and fish n chips.
  • Beer.
  • Vegetarian.
  • Chocolates.
  • Advocaat.

How do I get from Amsterdam to Antwerp?

The best way to get from Antwerp to Amsterdam is to train which takes 1h 21m and costs €55 – €110. Alternatively, you can bus, which costs €10 – €13 and takes 1h 55m, you could also fly, which costs €55 – €280 and takes 2h 49m.

How do I spend a day in Antwerp?

Included in this guide list of things to do in Antwerpen + where to stay

  1. Antwerpen Centraal.
  2. Diamond District.
  3. Breakfast at a popular cafe in Antwerp.
  4. Meir shopping.
  5. Belgian waffles.
  6. Museums. Plantin-Moretus Museum. Rubens House.
  7. Secret street: Vlaaikensgang.

Are there toilets on Belgian trains?

There isn’t a restaurant car on board the trains. Use the litter bins provided and leave the train clean after your journey. There are toilets that are free for public use in all trains.