How much does the average cutting horse cost?


How much does the average cutting horse cost?

Lufkin predicted total purse money would quadruple within five years. But the big money comes from breeding. A young, untrained cutting horse with a good bloodline can sell for $30,000 to $50,000, while a trained mare with proven skills can be worth more than $100,000.

What is the best breed of horse for cutting?

Top 5 Cutting Sires of 2020

  • Hottish. 2008 sorrel (Spots Hot-Stylish Play Lena by Docs Stylish Oak)
  • Once In A Blue Boon. 2008 brown roan (Peptoboonsmal-Autumn Boon by Dual Pep)
  • High Brow Cat. 1988 chestnut (High Brow Hickory-Smart Little Kitty by Smart Little Lena)
  • Dual Rey.
  • Metallic Cat.

What are the rules for cutting horses?

Cutting rules and resources….Riding a Cutting Horse

  • Stay centered in the saddle. One hand goes on the reins, the other stays on the saddle horn.
  • Keep your toes out and your legs under you. You don’t want your feet to get out in front.
  • Stop your horse with your seat.
  • Round your lower back.
  • Remember to breathe.

What is a cut horse called?

A cutting horse is a stock horse, typically an American Quarter Horse, bred and trained for cutting, a modern equestrian competition requiring a horse and rider to separate a single cow from a herd of cattle and prevent it from getting back to the herd.

Who is the best cutting horse rider?


  • TRAVIS REMPEL, Fort Langley, BC, CN. CUTTING $669,377; REINING $10,074; TOTAL $679,451.
  • KYLIE RICE, Weatherford, TX. CUTTING $565,720; REINING $21,080; TOTAL $586,800.
  • TODD BERGEN, Eagle Point, OR. CUTTING $13,420; REINING $573,278; TOTAL $586,698.
  • WADE SMITH, Geary, OK.
  • MICHELLE COWAN, Ardmore, OK.

Who sells the best cutting horses?


Rank Breeder Top Money Earner
1 John Waggoner & Susan Ferguson A Hocus Pocus Cat ($160,143)
2 Center Ranch CR Tuff Hearted Cat ($205,142)
3 Double Dove Ranch One Time Royalty ($250,000)
4 Bar H Ranche June Bug Dually ($160,229)

How long do cutting horses live?

The horse expected lifespan is about 20 to 30 years, depending on the breed, but small horse breeds usually live longer than larger ones….

Horse life expectancy
Breed Average life expectancy
Arabian Horse 25 to 35 years
Quarter Horse 25 to 35 years
Miniature Horse 25 to 35 years

What age can you start cutting a horse?

For most breeds, this will occur when the horse is approximately 2 years old. Some trainers choose to start training when the horse is a late yearling, meaning he is between 18 and 24 months of age, while others will wait until a horse is 2 1/2 before training starts.

How tall is the average cutting horse?

Most adult full-size horses’ height is in a range from 14.2 to 16.2 hands. Even though most riders consider 15 to 15.2 hands high medium-sized horses the most comfortable, novices find the smaller horse a better option for ride learning.

Why would you proud cut a horse?

If a horse is described as proud-cut, it may mean an incomplete castration (the vet left all or part of a testicle behind, which continues to produce testosterone and can cause unruly and aggressive behavior). Some owners use it to describe a gelding that behaves like a stallion.

What happened Julie Hansma?

The cutting horse community is mourning the death of Julie Hansma. Hansma, a million-dollar rider and wife of trainer Paul Hansma, passed away Feb. 6 as the result of a head injury she sustained at a 2018 cutting horse show in Bryan, Texas.

How much is the most expensive cutting horse?

The cutting horse consigned by Wes and Lindy Ashlock of Abilene sold for an all-time record $1,050,000 at the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity Sale in Fort Worth.

What breed of horse is used for cutting horses?

American Quarter Horses
Arabians and American Quarter Horses have the agility and skill to be used for cutting cattle out of a herd. The practice is as fascinating to watch as a Border collie working sheep. The American Quarter Horse Association describes cutting as a “battle of wills between a horse and a cow”.