How much does JetBlue ground operations pay?


How much does JetBlue ground operations pay?

Average JetBlue Grounds Crew yearly pay in the United States is approximately $25,533, which is 26% below the national average.

How much do airport operations crew make at JetBlue?

How much does a Airport Operations Crew Member at JetBlue make? The typical JetBlue Airport Operations Crew Member salary is $16 per hour. Airport Operations Crew Member salaries at JetBlue can range from $11 – $31 per hour.

What is JetBlue ground operations?

Get outside and flex your muscles as a Ground Operations (GO) crewmember. The GO team prepares the aircraft for departure, loads baggage, stocks provisions, and is responsible for the safe guidance of aircraft movement on arrival and departure.

How long is JetBlue ground operations training?

The training is about 3 weeks long, with two weeks at their training facility and one week of on the job training.

What is ground operation crew?

The Ground Operations Crew loads and unloads Customer bags, operates ground service equipment which includes operation of motor vehicles, coordinates the servicing of arriving and departing aircraft, helps prepare aircraft cabin for departure, assists with ramp service duties including waste disposal and re-servicing …

What does ground operations crew do?

Is JetBlue a good place to work?

The annual Forbes ranking honors employers based on an independent survey asking how likely employees would be to recommend their employer—and other employers in their respective industries—to someone else. JetBlue has long been recognized for its award-winning product and customer service.

Do JetBlue employees get hotel discounts?

JetBlue employees save 10% off hotels!

How do you become a ground crew?

Ground Staff Requirements:

  1. Diploma in administration or travel, or PG diploma course.
  2. Experience in customer care.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  4. Well-groomed.
  5. Willing to work shifts.
  6. Computer literate.

Do JetBlue employees fly for free?

One of the most exciting perks we offer to Crewmembers, their legal dependents, and designated travel companion is free standby travel on JetBlue flights! Get set to jet!

What are the perks of working for JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways:

  • Medical insurance.
  • Full-time prescription coverage.
  • Dental insurance.
  • Vision insurance.
  • Group legal.
  • Flexible spending.
  • Life insurance.
  • Short-term disability insurance.

Is JetBlue good to work for?