How much does it cost to file an eviction notice in Texas?


How much does it cost to file an eviction notice in Texas?

You must file an original petition with the Court and pay $121.00 (subject to change). These courts costs pay for filing your suit, your court hearing, and for the Constable to serve the citation. The citation is the notice to the tenant that you are attempting to evict him.

How do you write an eviction notice in Texas?

An eviction notice must always include a few important details such as the property the landlord is referring to and the tenant the notice is addressed to. More importantly, it must answer why the landlord is pursuing an eviction and must state a breach of the contract.

How do I evict someone without a lease in Texas?

Even without a lease, you can evict a tenant. Because there is no lease or rental agreement, a landlord or property manager can evict a tenant for any reason. The only legal provision would be that a proper notice must be given to the tenant being evicted.

How do I file a 3 day eviction notice in Texas?

What to Include in the Eviction Notice

  1. The day you served the written notice.
  2. Your rental property’s name and address as it appears on the lease agreement.
  3. The reason for serving the tenant notice, for example, nonpayment of rent.

How do I evict someone from my house in Texas?

The only legal way to remove a tenant from a rental unit in Texas is for a landlord to win an eviction lawsuit (forcible entry and detainer suit) in court. Even after winning the lawsuit, it is illegal for a landlord to take self-help measures to remove the tenant.

Is a hand written eviction notice legal in Texas?

The landlord must serve the notice on the tenant in one of four ways. He (or his agent) can hand it to the tenant personally, post the letter on the inside of the front door if he can enter the rental unit legally, or mail a copy to the tenant with return receipt requested.

What is an illegal eviction in Texas?

There are circumstances where an eviction is simply illegal as a matter of law in Texas. A landlord cannot evict a tenant based on race, sex, national origin, disability or family status or to retaliate against a tenant who files maintenance requests or complaints about the condition of the property.

What can I do if my tenant won’t leave?

If tenants don’t leave at the end of the notice period, landlords must apply to the court for a possession order, which gives them the right to evict tenants and take possession of the property.