How much does Fiberon railing cost?


How much does Fiberon railing cost?

Fiberon Deck Board Pricing

Fiberon Decking Prices Cost/linear ft. Cost/square ft.
6′ Rail $25 – $31 per linear foot N/A
8′ Rail $22 – $30 per linear foot N/A
Deck Fascia $4 – $10 per sq. ft. N/A
Fastener Kits $50 – $55 each N/A

Is Fiberon still in business?

Fiberon, which was sold in 2018 to Fortune Brand, a Fortune 500 company, employs around 440 workers in its three New London facilities. The products are shipped to Home Depot stores across the country and Canada and numerous wholesale distributors.

Is Fiberon or Trex cheaper?

Both of these boards are from the various manufacturer’s economy lines. The premium boards are much more expensive, as a 16′ Trex Transcend board is about $85, while a 16′ Fiberon Concordia board is similar at $86.

Is Fiberon slippery?

Fiberon Paramount Decking has a high slip resistance when tested according to ASTM F 1679 with a dry/wet rating of . 85/. 82.

Which is better Fiberon or Trex?

Fiberon is more durable, taking more force to damage the decking than Trex. Both warranties are equal with entry-level boards, but Fiberon’s warranty is longer than Trex for higher-end boards. Trex is better than Fiberon in two areas, Price and Traction.

What is Fiberon railing made of?

Fiberon Natural Railing features two rich colors with wood grains that rival natural mahogany and redwood. Durable and strong, Fiberon Natural Railing is made of a premium, quality composite, with a permanent finish.

Which is better AZEK or Fiberon?

AZEK is a 100% PVC board and contains no wood. Fiberon, by comparison, is a composite material made from recycled plastic and wood flour. Overall, Fiberon boards are the more economical choice, with 100 sq. ft.

How does fiberon compare to TimberTech?

Fiberon with 21 colours has more options than TimberTech with 17. Durable decking with good warranties, but Fiberon’s warranty is longer with their premium lines. Fiberon is also priced slightly better than TimberTech, saving you a few dollars on your deck. That a lot to say in one paragraph.

Is Fiberon PVC or composite?

When tested, Fiberon PVC deck boards displayed high performance in resisting mold, water absorption and discoloration. Approved for use in all Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) zones and meets additional fire performance requirements of San Diego County, ASTM E84 FSI 30 Class A.

Does fiberon scratch easily?

Fiberon deck can get scratched, although actually, not that easily. The capped surface offers good protection against everyday wear and tear. If you do get a scratch on a board Fiberon recommends leaving it and letting it become part of the normal wear, which should become less apparent.

Why choose Fiberon symmetry railing?

The soft satin finish of Fiberon Symmetry Railing is elegant yet incredibly durable. A sculpted top rail adds classic style, while hidden hardware keeps the look clean and uncluttered. Fiberon Symmetry Railing is available in three rich colors and two baluster choices, creating multiple design options.

What is the best symmetry railing for a deck?

Fiberon Symmetry Railing is known for being both stylish and easy to maintain. Fiberon makes it easy to find a perfect complement for your deck space and the natural environment, while being an easy choice for those looking for limited maintenance. Superior quality and long-term performance make this a great choice for an outdoor space.

What are the sizes of the balusters on Fiberon railing?

See your Fiberon seller or visit the warranty information page for details on limited warranties and exclusions. CountrySide Railing is available with matching beveled square balusters in either 29.5″ or 35.5″ lengths. Available in Serene Black, Simply Brown, and Tranquil White.

Are Fiberon handrails ADA compliant?

Fiberon ADA-compliant handrails are offered by special order in 104-in. lengths that can be connected using available ADA joiners. Components are compatible with all composite Fiberon railing products. Choose from white or black, both featuring a gloss finish.