How much does FashionGo cost?


How much does FashionGo cost?

Membership is FREE That’s right. Being a buyer on FashionGo is completely free. FashionGo provides all of their customers unlimited access to all 900+ wholesalers and thousands of new items for absolutely nothing. All you need to do is register your business and provide your business license and two wholesale invoices.

Can you use photos from FashionGo?

The content of our Site including, but not limited to, text, design, graphics, logos, files, images, photos, video, software, code, and other proprietary content are all property of FashionGo and its business partners and others that have granted FashionGo the right and license to use it, and is protected by all …

Who owns FashionGo?

Daniel Lee – CEO – | LinkedIn.

Does FashionGo charge for shipping?

FashionGo combines the order packages into one shipment. Pay for Shipping. When the order is ready to ship, the shipping fee will be charged to your card. Afterwards, you will receive a payment confirmation email with a tracking number.

How long does FashionGo take to ship?

within 2-3 business days
All FashionGo Consolidated Shipping orders are scheduled to ship out within 2-3 business days from the date the orders were placed (“New Orders”). Participating vendors only need to charge retailers for the order without shipping cost.

Does FashionGo offer private labeling?

Private Labeling Service Our centralized location in the Los Angeles Fashion District makes it possible for you to shop as you usually do be it from,, or anywhere in the fashion district. Specify to the vendor to hand-delivery and we take care of the labeling.

Can I use the wholesalers pictures for my website?

If you have an e-commerce website, you understand that photos grab customer attention. However, chances are that taking custom photographs of every item you sell is out of the budget. You can use legally use photos taken by other people, but to do so, must have permission.

Is fashion go ethical?

We believe the people making our clothes are as important as the people wearing them. That’s why our factories comply with fair labor and ethical manufacturing practices. All our clothing is made by workers earning living wages, using high-quality fabrics, and incorporating top tier options and low impact dyes.

Why is fast fashion so cheap?

To keep prices low, fast fashion companies tend to use outsourced and often underpaid labor in factories located overseas. There’s frequently little oversight of working conditions or of manufacturing processes, which may be polluting the water, air, and land.