How much does Andy Jassy make?


How much does Andy Jassy make?

$213 million
Jassy received nearly $213 million in compensation in 2021—6,474 times his median worker’s salary of $32,855, according to Amazon’s proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in April.

How much of Amazon does Andrew Jassy?

He has a 10% stake in Amazon, but has also netted billions from selling shares recently. Adam Selipsky, who joined Amazon last year and succeeded Jassy as head of AWS, made $81.5 million in 2021.

Where is Andy Jassy from?

Scarsdale, NYAndy Jassy / Place of birthScarsdale is a town and village in Westchester County, New York, United States. The Town of Scarsdale is coextensive with the Village of Scarsdale, but the community has opted to operate solely with a village government, one of several villages in the state that have a similar governmental situation. Wikipedia

How old is Andy Jassy?

54 years (January 13, 1968)Andy Jassy / Age

Who is the highest paid employee at Amazon?

Amazon’s highest paid executives include: Andrew R. Jassy $35,609,644, Diego Piacentini $23,730,630, and Jeffrey Blackburn $22,194,343. Comparably has 2 executive salary records from Amazon employees including job titles like VP of Product, VP of Sales, and VP of Operations.

Is Andy Jassy married?

Elana Rochelle CaplanAndy Jassy / Spouse (m. 1997)

Who is Andy Jassy’s wife?

Elana Rochelle CaplanAndy Jassy / Wife (m. 1997)

What is the best job to have at Amazon?

Best Amazon Jobs

  • Learning Specialist I. Average Salary: $72K-$107K.
  • Technical Writer. Average Salary: $98K.
  • Software Engineer. Average Salary: $115K.
  • Senior Technical Recruiter. Average Salary: $116K.
  • Security Engineer. Average Salary: $120K.
  • Data Scientist. Average Salary: $120K.
  • Art Director.
  • Principal Product Manager.

Where did Andy Jassy go to college?

Scarsdale High SchoolHarvard UniversityHarvard Business SchoolHarvard College
Andy Jassy/Education

Who is Andy Jassy wife?

Can you negotiate salary at Amazon?

Like the other large tech companies, Amazon takes a total compensation approach as they negotiate with successful candidates. However, the compensation structure and strategy they use to comprise an offer has a few unique elements you should be aware of prior to negotiations with a Recruiter.

What does L5 mean at Amazon?

software engineer
SDE II (L5): This is also a software engineer role, but more senior generally ranging from three to ten years of industry experience. You will be responsible for larger components, sets of features or mid-tier applications. This level still works closely with design and product to strategize forward.

What Amazon position pays the most?

Highest Paying Jobs At Amazon

Rank Job Title Hourly Rate
1 Software Development Manager $79.50
2 Data Engineer $62.51
3 Scientist $59.07
4 Software Development Engineer $59.00