How much does a safety pool cover cost?


How much does a safety pool cover cost?

Pool Safety Cover Cost A mesh pool safety cover costs between $1,200 and $3,000, depending on your pool’s size and shape. This is significantly less expensive than solid covers for both material and cost. A solid pool safety cover costs between $1,800 and $3,600, which is about $600 more on average than a mesh cover.

Which pool safety cover is best?

Best Safety Cover for Inground Pools

  • HPI AquaMaster. AquaMaster solid safety covers by HPI are made from reinforced vinyl fabric coated to withstand weather and sun, and protect from pool chemicals.
  • GLI Hyper-Lite.
  • Meyco MeycoLite.
  • GLI ProMesh.

How do you buy a pool safety cover?

Most pool covers can be purchased from pool supply shops or major retailers like Amazon. You might need to locate a dealer if you want to get an automatic pool cover, but you should be able to buy a winter or safety cover without going through a dealer or salesman.

How long does a pool safety cover last?

A mesh security cover costs $1,200–$3,000. It doesn’t need a pump on top, keeps out debris but not water, and lasts 10–15 years. A solid (vinyl) security cover costs $1,200–$3,000. It needs a pump on top, keeps out debris and water, and lasts 6–10 years.

Should I get a pool safety cover?

Safety for your family Although no one should ever walk on a pool safety cover, in an emergency situation they can hold the weight of an adult, child or family pet. If you have children, pets, or wildlife around then a safety cover is a must.

Can you walk on pool safety covers?

The automatic pool cover can be walked on, but for the main purpose of rescuing someone or removing fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. However, it is not meant to be jumped on or played on. Putting the weight on the cover excessively or frequently can damage it over time.

Can you walk on pool safety cover?

Safety Covers Protect Your Family Safety covers provide a tight and secure cover over your pool that lines up flush with your decking or patio stone. Safety covers are strong enough to hold your weight if someone was to walk across the cover. This makes it the safest option for pool owners who have children or pets.

Can you walk on a pool safety cover?

A safety cover is a spring loaded, fairly taut cover that is meant to hold the weight of a person if they accidentally walk across it. Its use is primary for the winter but it can be left on when you are on vacation in the middle of the summer, even with the pool running.

Can you walk on an automatic pool cover?

Is there a hard pool cover?

The short answer is no, there isn’t. While you may be able to find pictures or videos of retractable floors that have been installed over pools, these are extremely expensive, custom-built, and would be better considered as extremely elaborate pool decks, not as swimming pool covers.