How much does a new spiral staircase cost?


How much does a new spiral staircase cost?

A spiral staircase ranges from $1,000 to $20,000. Installing one averages around $10,400. The total depends on the material type plus the height and width of the stairs.

What is the smallest diameter spiral staircase?

Because your stair’s diameter is the total width of your stair, it will also determine the footprint. The smallest spiral stair diameter that we offer is 3’6”, which translates to a 42” x 42” footprint….Diameter.

Clear Walking Space Guide
Stair Diameter Clear Walk Space
6′ 0″ 32″

How big of an opening do you need for a spiral staircase?

Spiral staircase opening size related questions are questions that we get asked a lot, and the general rule of thumb is that the opening for spiral staircase should be 100mm larger than the diameter. This can be a square opening in the floor or a circular cut out.

What width do you need for a spiral staircase?

National Building Codes (BOCA) or Uniform building code requires a minimum of a 60″ diameter spiral with 30 degree treads and a 4″ on center maximum spacing for balusters.

How wide is a standard spiral staircase?

Spiral staircases generally range in size from 42″ to 76″ in diameter. The floor opening at the top of the staircase must be two-square-inches bigger than the staircase’s diameter. Spiral staircases are also measured by their floor to floor height, footprint, walking space, and landing length.

Does a spiral staircase take up less space?

Spiral Staircases do take up less space than conventional staircases. This is because the steps are all located within the diameter of the spiral, regardless of the height.

Do spiral staircases need landings?

Landings are required at the top and bottom of each flight and should be the same size as the stair width – for example: 600 x 600mm for a 600mm-wide stair, 800 x 800mm for a 800mm-wide stair and so on.

How high can a spiral staircase be?

Most straight stairs have a typical riser height between 7” – 7.5” whereas spiral stair riser height has a maximum riser height of 9.5”. The reason for this is that as all the treads are set to a near 30 degree angle.

What is the average diameter of a spiral staircase?

How do you calculate stairs for a spiral staircase?

For example, a stairwell opening of a square dimension 2000 x 2000mm can accommodate a staircase diameter of 1900 x 1900mm. Determine the number of steps for a single turn, i.e., for 360 degrees….For example, if,

  1. Floor height ‘h’ = 2700mm.
  2. Riser ‘r’ = 225.
  3. No of risers =2700/225 = 12.
  4. No: of Steps = 11 + 1 landing platform.