How much are stamps from 1930 worth?


How much are stamps from 1930 worth?

1930 Regular Issues

Denom. Description Used
1 1/2 cent W. Harding Full face Perf 11×10.5 $0.15
4 cent William Taft Perf 11×10.5 $0.15
1 1/2 cent Warren Harding Full face Coil Perf 10V $0.15
4 cent William Taft Coil Perf 10V $0.75

Are any German stamps worth anything?

Baden 9 Kreuzer error is the most expensive stamp ever issued by the German Postal Service. Philatelists estimate that only four copies of this valuable item can be found on the market nowadays. The stamps are so expensive because they were printed in the wrong color: in green, instead of pink.

How much are German ww2 stamps worth?

German Empire 1941/1942 The following pictured Hitler stamps have a value of about 2-3 US $ all together. The values of the canceled stamps are higher than the unused mint ones in this case.

Are German inflation stamps valuable?

Re: Germany “Inflation Issue” stamps are they rare & valuabl Due to rampant inflation, Germany had to issue stamps at very high values. The stamp valued at 50 million marks represents one of the highest denominations ever to appear on postage stamps. It became one of rare and valuable German postage stamps.

What is the Germania stamp series?

The Germania issues of 1900 to 1922 are Germany’s longest running definitive stamp series. The issues span two major German political periods, the German Empire and the Weimar Republic, a time span which includes World War I and its aftermath.

What are the Third Reich postage stamps?

As a result, during the Third Reich period, Germany issued a large variety of stamps which promoted Hitler, German military and social organizations, and German nationalism in general. Due to the number of stamps of this era, the Third Reich Postage Stamps are divided into two sections for presentation – 1933-1939 and 1940-1945.

When did the Nazis start issuing postage stamps?

In 1934 the Nazis began issuing stamps to mark their party rallies. This is the first of the group; showing the Nurenberg castle with a swastika rising in the background. VF NH Set of two issued for the voting of whether the Saar should return to German control.

Where can I find old German stamps?

Welcome to our Portal to German Stamp Collecting. We have a large selection of Germany from early states through modern Bundespost. Our WWII section is full of occupation and propaganda material from most occupied areas. We also have a good stock of Danzig, Saar, and East Germany, as well as a great selection of Nazi Dues and Revenue stamps.