How many XA GT Falcons were made?


How many XA GT Falcons were made?

The XA GT was a rare car, with production figures indicating just 1,868 sedans and 891 coupes were made, and they have seen unprecedented growth in values over the last few years, a trend that shows no signs of abating.

How many XA GTHO Phase 4 were made?

Four XA GTHO Phase
Four XA GTHO Phase IV Falcons were built and subsequently sold. One was the only production Phase IV built and that was sold through Jack Brabham Ford in NSW. It was a Calypso Green four-door sedan and it’s the only one of the four to carry a compliance plate that identifies it as a GTHO.

How many RPO83?

Not all RPO83 cars were created equal, some having more special ‘goodies’ than others. With no less than 26 different option combinations available, in two different body styles, it’s fair to say that of the total build number of 250 units (with 120 hardtops and 130 sedans), all were virtually unique.

How many XA GT RPO were made?

Only 259 vehicles were reportedly made, and the models were quietly distributed across Australian dealerships. In July, a true ‘barn-find’ Ford Falcon GT RPO 83 coupe broke records at auction. Known as the ‘Chicken Coupe’, the vehicle sold for more than $300,000, exceeding estimates.

How much is a Gtho worth?

Just last month, an uber-rare XA Falcon GTHO Phase IV – one of only four built – sold for a reported $1.75 million, while earlier this year an immaculate 1971 Ford Falcon XY GTHO Phase III was snapped up for $1.15m by Sydney-based art collector and philanthropist Judith Neilson – a car we saw in the metal at its new …

How much is an XA GT worth?

1972 Falcon XA GTs can sell for $95,000 in good condition and in excess of $140,000 in excellent condition, according to Trade Unique Cars. Mr Wilkinson said he only became aware of the Ford Falcon’s immense value when he went to a Shannons Auction in the 2010s.

What does RPO stand for in Ford GT?

The GT Special, which was called RPO (Regular Production Option) 83, featured certain GTHO Phase 4 bits such as the 780 cfm Holley carburettor and the exhaust headers, but it did not have the camshaft and valve gear modifications of the Phase 4, or the special “finned” sump of that car.

How much did the XA GT sell for?

Barn-find Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 ‘Chicken Coupe’ sells for record $300,909. An anonymous car collector from South Australia has paid $300,909 for an old, run-down 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 that had been left to rot in a chicken coop in rural Queensland for the past 32 years.

What is an XA Falcon worth?

UPDATED 27/07/2020 10:30am: In 1973, this Ford Falcon GT RPO 83 wore a $7000 sticker price in the Ford showroom. Today the price has surpassed $300,000 — and there’s still a couple of days bidding to go. The barn find is covered in bird droppings, hence its nickname: the ‘Chicken Coupe’.

What does Gtho stand for?

GTHO. Get the Hell On!