How many discus are in a 450 Litre tank?


How many discus are in a 450 Litre tank?

According to our experience, in a group of 12 discus fish with 8 cm large animals, in a 450 litre aquarium, only about 2 or 3 fish will reach their final size.

How many discus are in a 200 Litre tank?

Stocking your aquarium The fact of the matter is that Discus, especially smaller ones do better and feel more secure in big groups. In Europe, the German Veterinary Association for Animal Protection recommends a maximum of 45 x 8cm Discus per 180 litres, or 12 x 15cm per 180 litres.

How much does a baby discus cost?

Product Name Price
AquaGreen Scribble Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $44.95 $27.95
Baby Blue Panda Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $34.95 $28.95
Blue Cobalt Mosaic Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $49.00 $27.95
Blue Snakeskin Discus Fish – 2.5 inch $49.95 $29.95

Is breeding discus profitable?

Since average spawns will typically yield a few dozen fish, a successful breeding pair will yield a few thousand dollars in sales every few months — this is why true proven breeding pairs are so expensive. A hobbyist with a few breeding pairs can easily earn up to $10,000 every two months breeding discus.

How long does discus take to grow?

By raising the discus fish in these smaller tanks I achieve uniform and faster growth. A 2 ½ inch discus fish is only three months old when they are shipped to customers. The growth rate from 2 ½ inch to 4 inch keeping the fish in a small aquarium will only take four more months.

Can you mix discus fish?

Discus are generally calm, peaceful fish, but as cichlids, they can be aggressive toward one another, especially when attempting to pair off and spawn. Shy or submissive fish should be removed if they are unable to compete. Most serious hobbyists do not mix their discus with too many other species.

How long does it take for discus to breed?

9-13 months on average. It differs between males and females, females usually take less time than males. Could you breed and the sell discus?

How old is a 5 inch discus?

Choose Your Preferred Size of Fish

Age of Fish Size in Inches
4 Months 3”
6 Months 4”
9 Months 4.5”
12 Months 5.5”

What size tank do discus need?

75 gallons
Discus grow to be quite large and require an aquarium of 75 gallons or larger when full grown. Tall aquariums are best to accommodate their body shape.

Will discus eat Tetra?

Considering adding Neon Tetras to your Discus aquarium? You might want to switch that to Cardinal Tetras instead. They are similar in color but slightly larger, which means less risk of “mysterious disappearances”. After all, adult Discus definitely won’t pass up a tasty Tetra if they manage to catch it.

Are discus easy to breed?

If you enjoy discus fish, you might consider learning how to breed them. Discus fish are a somewhat sensitive breed to keep in the home aquarium so, if you plan to breed them, there are a few preparations you may need to make.

Where can I buy discus fish?

Welcome to the DiscusGuy Discus Fish Store where we have high quality Discus Fish for sale at wholesale prices delivered direct to your door. I have been raising and breeding discus fish for over 20 years providing customers and pet stores with excellent service and unbeatable prices on discus fish.

What are the disadvantages of discus fish?

Low quality discus fish are stunted meaning that they are not perfectly round. In addition, cheaply priced discus fish may also have genetic issues such as very large eyes in comparison to the body or very small eyes in proportion to the body.

Can you put discus in a community tank?

Yes, discus can be put in a community tank considering that the community tank has the right water parameters and the proper discus fish tank mates. Discus fish tank mates are usually slow moving fish and bottom dwellers that will not compete against the discus for food. has THE BEST discus available at incredibly fair prices.

How much does a stendker discus cost?

Stendker discus for sale. Blue diamond, leopard snakeskin, Tefe. All 3 are around 14cm. R900 each. 2 x pigeon blood blue, 17cm and 16cm R1500 each.