How long do movies stay in theaters Singapore?


How long do movies stay in theaters Singapore?

Most mainstream movies stay in theaters for an average of four weeks.

How much is a movie ticket in Singapore?

Ultimate Singapore Movie Ticket Price Guide

Monday to Thursday Friday to Sunday, PH and PH Eve
Cathay Cineplexes $10/ $10.50* $14.50
Shaw Theatres $9 / $10.50* $14.50
WE Cinemas $8.50 / $9.50* $13.50
FilmGarde $9 / $9.50* $14.50

What is Cathay Ultima blockbuster?

Our Ultima seats houses the widest seat width, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and privacy, no more sitting in individual chairs and trying to reach for the other half’s hand over the armrest! Available exclusively at Cathay Cineplex West Mall and Cathay Cineplex Jem.

Can you eat popcorn at the cinema?

Last October, cinema operators finally allowed the resumption of theater, which is a big win for moviegoers. But people from places under COVID-19 Alert Level 1 can now eat and drink inside the cinemas – bring some popcorn or another fave snack.

How much is Cathay platinum?

Cathay Ticket Prices – Singapore

Adult $28.00
Student (with valid ID) $28.00
Platinum Movies (blockbuster + Fri-Sun)
Children (>0.9m) $38.00

Does Cathay Platinum come with food?

Standard Platinum Movie Suites movie tickets do not include food and beverage.

What is Platinum cinema?

It offers a deluxe cinema experience with plush La-Z-Boy seats and posh cinema features. It can be booked for corporate screenings and private events. Gateway Platinum Cinema has 40 reclining La-Z-Boy seats and comes with Digital Dolby Surround Sound feature.

Is Cathay cinema Food Halal?

CATHAY CINEPLEXES CINEMA SNACKS ARE NOW CERTIFIED HALAL!! Cathay Cineplexes is the first cinema operator in Singapore to attain Halal certification for its cinema snacks!