How long do MapleStory drops last?


How long do MapleStory drops last?

By default, we’ve added a 90 second farming interval and then a 30 second loot interval. The reason is that in MapleStory, Meso Bags start to expire after 2 minutes, so you need to start looting before they expire (30 seconds should give you enough time to loot the whole map).

How do you get free pets in MapleStory?

Ninja Castle is a theme dungeon you can do three times a day to earn a free pet. It starts at level 170 and requires you to complete several puzzle quests and then a boss fight against the giant Gigatoad. It will drop the item Mr Toad pet, which lasts for 30 days.

When should I use Storm growth potion?

Storm Growth Potion A growth potion told of only in ancient legends. Take a sip to gain a level. Use this between Level 1 and 199 to gain a level.

Can MapleStory earn money?

Most MapleStory players who used to train in Party Quest do not have the time to sell in Free Market since they want to earn lots of EXP from it. Therefore, there will be potential sellers who are willing to sell at a low price in exchange for the convenience that they obtain by selling through you.

What is Max Mesos in MapleStory?

There is a limit to how much Mesos Obtained % you can get from items. It is 100%. It is possible to get more than 1 line of Mesos Obtained on an item, just make sure you don’t go over 100% when you add up potentials from all your items.

Does death penalty affect quest EXP MapleStory?

223 Update, currently scheduled for June 9, we will be making a change to the character death penalty in MapleStory. Instead of removing already earned EXP from characters upon death, characters will receive EXP at a reduced rate and a reduced drop rate for a period of time after their death.

Where can I sell stuff in MapleStory?

the Auction House
You can freely purchase and sell various items from Maple World at the Auction House! You can head there through Eggrich via ‘Quick Move’, or you can also enter by clicking on ‘Auction House’ in the game menu.

Is there a permanent pet in MapleStory?

It contains both 90-day and permanent pets. Permanent pets available, left to right: Metus, Mors, Invidia, Small Spirit, Tree Spirit, Rock Spirit, Winterberry, Fluffram, and Mini Yeti.

Does normal Hilla drop Blackheart?

In Normal Mode, the drop rate of the [Pet Box] Blackheart is extremely rare and will take several fights against her for it to drop. But you might get lucky! You can fight Hilla once per day.

How much EXP does a typhoon growth potion give?

238 billion

Typhoon Growth Potion
Effects Use this between Level 200 and 239 to gain a level. At Level 240+, grants 238,203,293,384 (238 billion) EXP
Max per slot 100
Bought from Various Event shops
Tradability Tradable within the same world

Does extreme gold potion stack?

TIPS: You can have EXP coupons, Extreme Gold Potions and EXP Accumulation Potions at the same time and they will stack with each other.

What is Max drop rate MapleStory?

Drop gear is very important in Maplestory. In AriesMS, drop rate has a max cap of 600%, with everyone starting at 100%.

Where can I farm Mesos?

If you’re going to make a farming character with Mesos Obtained, you are going to need to know about Legion’s Wealth Lv. 3 coupons and Wealth Potions. The best place to farm Mesos has changed a lot over the years and the best answer is usually, farm on maps that are condensed + your level range + you can one-shot.

What items can get drop rate MapleStory?

Only certain kinds of equipment can gain drop rate lines. Those are earrings, shoulders, face accessories, eye accessories, pendants, rings, and belts. To reach 250%, you’ll need to cube 2 rings.

What is the max item drop rate in MapleStory?

Drop gear is very important in Maplestory. In AriesMS, drop rate has a max cap of 600%, with everyone starting at 100%. By reaching 600%, items are 6x as likely to drop.

Does arcane force require?

Will is a boss from the Zero storyline that re-appeared in Esfera to help the Black Mage, he’s a lv250 boss that can only be entered lv235+, requiring 760 arcane force minimum to do 100% of your damage not counting your level, which is another important factor.

What happened to free market MapleStory?

Hello MapleStory players. On November 23, a patch will take place to improve the in-game trading system. As a result of these improvements, the Free Market will be removed and all Cash items used in the Free Market will stop being sold on November 13.