How long do imprinted concrete driveways last?


How long do imprinted concrete driveways last?

10 years
Imprinted concrete driveways, on the other hand, typically only last up to 10 years. Interestingly, the reason for their shorter lifespan is also the reason they are so popular: the process involves a single layer of concrete, poured on a sub-base. It’s quick, easy, affordable.

Is imprinted concrete driveway slippery?

Is pattern imprinted concrete slippery? The simple answer to the question is no, however laying the sealant which protects the concrete from damage is a complex procedure.

How long before you can drive on imprinted concrete?

When can I walk/park vehicles on the Pattern Imprinted Concrete? You can normally walk on the completed installation within 1-3 hrs depending on weather conditions; We would ask that you wait a minimum of 48 hours before parking vehicles on the concrete.

Is imprinted concrete more expensive than block paving?

Price Block paving is more expensive than pattern imprinted concrete because you’re buying individual bricks rather than just concrete and colour. However, block paving is more durable and is cheaper to repair, so that’s something to factor in when weighing up the price difference.

Which is best resin or imprinted concrete?

Concrete is renowned for its strength, durability and impressive load-bearing capacity which makes it ideal for traffic-heavy applications. Resin bound is also extremely hard-wearing and durable, as the decorative resin/aggregate mix is laid over a sturdy sub-base such as tarmac or concrete.

Can you change the colour of imprinted concrete?

Yes it is totally possible to change the colour of your concrete. You would first need to remove the old sealer using the Stripping solution (link below), then apply the Solid colour stain. If you want to just have it one colour then you can finish here by applying a sealer over the top.

Is concrete cheaper than tarmac?

The cost to initially lay the Tarmac is cheaper than concrete. But, if you take into account the lifespan of a typical driveway, the concrete will win every time. Concrete is extremely durable and can last for at least 40 to 50 years.