How is Paz alive?


How is Paz alive?

Paz survived an explosion and ejection from ZEKE, which was much higher up than the helicopter.

Can you play your own music in MGSV?

Adding custom music is only possible in the PC release of Metal Gear Solid 5. To add your custom music, copy your audio files to the CustomSoundtrack within your Metal Gear Solid 5 folder (defaults to C:\Programs (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\MGS_TPP ) and these will be picked up in game.

Who was the strongest Snake MGS?

Top 10 Strongest “Metal Gear Solid” Characters

  • Liquid Snake in “Metal Gear Solid 1”
  • The Boss in “Metal Gear Solid 3”
  • Venom Snake in “Metal Gear Solid 5”
  • Big Boss in “Metal Gear Solid 3”
  • Solid Snake in “Metal Gear Solid 1”
  • Vamp in “Metal Gear Solid 4”
  • Raiden in “Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance”

Does Metal Gear Solid 5 have multiple endings?

Though Konami maintains “Metal Gear Solid 5” is complete as-is, there was initially a different ending considered for the game. Known as Mission 51, Collector’s Edition owners of the game got a peek at what could’ve been in store for players.

Is Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain a game of deception?

Page is locked. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a game of deception. There are twists, turns, and character motivations that are never truly explained. The game leaves a lot up for interpretation, so leave your thoughts in the comments below!

How many big bosss are there in the Metal Gear series?

From the end of Metal Gear 2 and onward, there is only one Big Boss, the original. Venom Snake played his role, but the role was cut short in the events of Metal Gear 1. The original Big Boss would continue his plans, battling Solid Snake during the events of Metal Gear 2, and then making his final appearance at the end of Metal Gear Solid 4.

Is Metal Gear Solid V worth playing?

Metal Gear Solid V is a stellar game, with top-notch stealth action and a malleable world that leads to all sorts of memorable moments. Too bad the ending is such a mess.