How is KSEB electricity bill calculated?


How is KSEB electricity bill calculated?

The first 50 units will be charged at Rs 3.15 per unit, the next 50 at 3.70 per unit, the next 50 at Rs 4.80 per unit, the next 50 at 6.40 per unit, and the remaining 30 at Rs 7.60 per unit.

What is the rate of electricity per unit in Kerala?

If approved, the minimum rate will increase from Rs 3.15 to Rs 3.50 per unit for domestic consumers with monthly electricity consumption up to 250 units. The maximum rate per unit will rise from Rs 7.60 to Rs 8.40. The average power tariff in this category is currently Rs 5.13.

How electric units are calculated?

Just like the odometer on your vehicle that shows the actual distance travelled by the vehicle, electricity meter shows the amount of electricity that is used. So a 100-Watt bulb if kept on for 10 hours will consume: 100 x 10 = 1000 Watt-Hour = 1 Kilowatt-Hour (kWH) = 1 units (on your meter).

How is EB meter reading calculated?

Calculation of EB bill is very simple. It depends upon the power of the electric appliances and the number of hours we are using the appliance in a single day. Multiply it by the respective KWh rate.

How can I save electricity at home in Kerala?

Top 11 Ways to Save Electricity In Your Home

  1. Making More Use Of Natural Lighting.
  2. Making Use Of Candles In Place Of Electric Lights A Fewer Time In A Week.
  3. Reconsider The Outdoor Lighting System.
  4. Making Use Of Light Bulbs That Are Energy Efficient.
  5. Reduce Dependence On Appliances.
  6. Unplug Appliances.

How do you calculate current meter?

Calculating your bill

  1. Current meter reading – Meter reading reported from last month’s bill = Total kWh used since last reading.
  2. Total kWh used since last reading x Charge per kWh = Total energy charge.
  3. Total energy charge + Fixed monthly fees = Final bill.

What is the cost of 1 unit in electricity?

5.90 per unit (existing rate of Rs. 5.65) for the first 500 units of monthly consumption and Rs. 7.20 per unit (existing rate of Rs. 6.95) for consumption above 500 units.

How to calculate total power consumption from KSEB energy meter?

The total power consumption is equal to the difference between initial KSEB energy motor reading to final KSEB energy meter reading. Unit consumption = KSEB Energy meter final reading – KSEB Energy meter final reading. KSEB bill calculator or Kerala State Electricity board tariff calculator used to find the exact electricity bill amount.

What is the difference between telescopic and non-telescopic tariff in KSEB?

KSEB has two sets of tariff rated based on the consumption and they are telescopic rate and Non-telescopic rate. i.e if a consumer consumes lesser than or equal to 250 units (kWh) means, the consumer comes into telescopic tariff rate.

What will be the surcharge on KSEB tariff 2020-21?

As per KSEB latest tariff order 2020-21, additionally, surcharges of 0.1 paise per unit will be charged. And we have updated the calculator with the latest price along with the commercial tariff, three-phase and single-phase addition, etc.

How many units are exempted from fixed charges in KSEB?

If the consumer has lesser than 1kW as connected load and they consumes less than 40 units, the fixed charges are exempted. Your kseb electricity bill is 246 units the calculate the total bill mount? You have to pay ₹ 1496.19 as your kseb electricity bill.