How fast is a Piper Cherokee 235?


How fast is a Piper Cherokee 235?


1964 Piper Cherokee 235 PA-28-235 1973 Piper Cherokee 235 Charger PA-28-235
Max. Structural Cruising Speed 136 KCAS 135 KCAS
Stall Speed Clean 61 Knots 64 Knots
Stall Speed Landing Configuration 52 Knots 57 Knots
Climb Best Rate 825 FPM 800 FPM

Does Piper Arrow have cowl flaps?

The newer Arrow has a myriad of after-market aerodynamic and engine modifications, including flap and aileron gap seals on the semi-taper wing, spats, cowl flaps, an intercooler, and an automatic wastegate.

Is a Piper Dakota a Cherokee?

Introduced in 1979, the Piper PA-28-236 or commonly known by its marketed name, the Piper Cherokee Dakota, is one of the many variants of the Piper Cherokee and a direct successor to the Piper Cherokee Pathfinder, which was produced from 1974 to 1977.

When should cowl flaps be closed?

When opened, cowl flaps increase the flow of cooling air through the cowling by increasing the size of the cowling outlet. They should be closed during cruise, descent, and landing.

How high can a Piper Cherokee fly?


1964 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 1967 Piper Cherokee PA-28-140
Climb Best Rate 820 FPM 660 FPM
Wing Loading 12.2 lbs./sq. ft. 13.4 lbs./sq. ft.
Power Loading 13.9 lbs./hp 14.3 lbs./hp
Service Ceiling 15,000 ft. 14,300 ft.

Which single-engine aircraft has the best safety record?

Diamond DA40 NG As one of the safest single-engine airplanes in the world, the Diamond DA40 NG has one of the best safety records among its competitors in the segment; over a decade of operation, the variant has only one fatal accident per 1,000 aircraft years.

What is the best piper?

Piper PA-28 Warrior – Much Loved Four Seater Aircraft The Warrior is perhaps the best known and most popular of these, often being bought and flown by those pilots who learned to fly on a Tomahawk, and then wanted to move on to something larger.