How does USCIS determine priority date?


How does USCIS determine priority date?

In the employment-based categories, you are issued a priority date based on when your employer files a PERM application with the Department of Labor, or if no PERM application is required, by the date that an I-140 visa petition is filed on your behalf.

What is the priority date from underlying petition?

The priority date is generally the date when the applicant’s relative or employer properly filed the immigrant visa petition on the applicant’s behalf with USCIS. A prospective immigrant’s priority date can be found on Notice of Action (Form I-797) for the petition filed on his or her behalf.

What is priority date current?

What is the meaning of a priority date being “current”? In order for an individual to obtain an immigrant visa (Green Card), a visa number must be available to you. This is referred to as the priority date being “current.” The priority date is current if there is no backlog in the category.

What priority date means?

Priority date is the date on which an application was filed with the immigration authorities. It is used by the Department of State (DOS) to determine an individual’s place in line in the visa queue where there are a limited number of immigrant visas available in a given year.

What is NVC priority date?

The date your petition was filed is called your priority date. Priority dates are posted monthly on the Visa Bulletin, which provides up-to-date priority dates for cases NVC is processing.

What is priority date vs filing date USCIS?

The numerical limit for family preference immigrant visas creates a wait list. The applicant’s “place in line” is designated with a priority date. The filing date of the I-130 petition becomes the applicant’s priority date. When USCIS accepts Form I-130, they will also assign a priority date.

How priority date is calculated?

Priority date: This is the date that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received your I-130 petition. Think of this date as your place in the green card line. You can find your priority date on the I-797 form mailed by USCIS approving your I-130 petition.