How does traveling wave reactor work?


How does traveling wave reactor work?

TWR uses a Rankine steam cycle to convert heat to electricity. Intermediate Heat Exchangers securely transfer the heat from the primary sodium pool to a secondary sodium loop, which transfers the heat to the steam generators. The Primary Sodium Pool surrounds the reactor core.

What do traveling wave reactors use as their fuel?

TWRs use only a small amount (~10%) of enriched uranium-235 or other fissile fuel to “initiate” the nuclear reaction. The remainder of the fuel consists of natural or depleted uranium-238, which can generate power continuously for 40 years or more and remains sealed in the reactor vessel during that time.

Can I invest in TerraPower?

In fact, you can buy shares in TerraPower through a pre-IPO investing platform. Two pre-IPO platforms, EquityZen and Forge (formerly Sharespost), let investors buy shares from an employee or investor in a private company.

How does a traveling wave tube work?

The TWT is an elongated vacuum tube with an electron gun (a heated cathode that emits electrons) at one end. A voltage applied across the cathode and anode accelerates the electrons towards the far end of the tube, and an external magnetic field around the tube focuses the electrons into a beam.

Is the traveling wave reactor a breeder reactor?

The traveling wave reactor (TWR) is a once-through reactor that uses in situ breeding to greatly reduce the need for enrichment and reprocessing. Breeding converts incoming subcritical reload fuel into new critical fuel, allowing a breed-burn wave to propagate.

What is liquid sodium used for?

Abstract. Liquid sodium is used as a coolant in fast breeder reactors on account of its excellent heat transfer properties. It must, however, be in the pure form to be compatible with structural materials.

Why don’t we have thorium reactors yet?

Thorium cannot in itself power a reactor; unlike natural uranium, it does not contain enough fissile material to initiate a nuclear chain reaction. As a result it must first be bombarded with neutrons to produce the highly radioactive isotope uranium-233 – ‘so these are really U-233 reactors,’ says Karamoskos.

Is Bill Gates building a nuclear reactor?

Yes, a Bill Gates-owned company is planning to build a nuclear power plant in Wyoming. TerraPower, which was co-founded by Bill Gates, recently selected a Wyoming site to demonstrate its first-of-a-kind Natrium nuclear reactor. Much of what Bill Gates does is put under a microscope.

Who is TerraPower owned by?

Bill Gates is co-founder of Microsoft, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and founder and chairman of TerraPower.

What are the advantages of TWT?

A major advantage of the TWT over some other microwave tubes is its ability to amplify a wide range of frequencies i.e. a large bandwidth. The bandwidth of the helix TWT can be as high as two octaves, while the cavity versions have bandwidths of 10–20%. Operating frequencies range from 300 MHz to 50 GHz.

What is TWT and working?

The operation of a TWT is as follows: Electrons emitted from the cathode are accelerated by a potential difference between the cathode and the anode. An electron beam is formed and focused in the electron gun region to be injected into the slow-wave circuit where it interacts with the propagating RF wave.