How does SWO work?


How does SWO work?

SWO specifies a dedicated pin, in addition to the debug signals of the SWD interface, which allows the target CPU to output specific data like printf output on a dedicated pin via UART or Manchester protocol. This pin is unidirectional, so it is not possible to send data to the target CPU on this pin.

What is SWO trace?

SWO Trace is a single pin trace interface that is part of the Cortex M Coresight components from ARM Ltd. It supports profiling hardware events such as periodic sampling of program counter, data variable reads and writes, interrupt entry and exit, counters as well as application generated software messages.

What is serial wire output?

Overview. Serial Wire Output (SWO) Trace is a single pin trace interface that allow users to trace the program flow and profile hardware events. These profiling capabilities are very important for debugging, validating and characterizing applications.

What is ARM SWD?

Introduction to the ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) protocol The ARM Serial Wire Debug Interface uses a single bi-directional data connection. It is implementation defined whether the serial interface: transfers data asynchronously, for minimum pin count.

What does Swo stand for?


Acronym Definition
SWO Student Welfare Officer
SWO Social Welfare Organization
SWO Staff Weather Office(r)
SWO Staff Welfare Officer (UK)

What is SWO pin?

Surface warfare officer This device is commonly called the “SWO pin” in the U.S. Navy. Those receiving the pin must qualify as officer of the deck (both underway and in port), small boat officer, combat information center watch officer, and must be trained in shipboard engineering, naval history, and damage control.

Where is Swo?

Surface Warfare Officers School Command (SWOS or SWOSCOLCOM), located at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island, is a “Center of Excellence” for surface warfare – where we take pride in being the focal point for training the officers and enlisted Sailors who man and fight our ships.

What is Swo in construction?

3. SWO. Stop work order. Technology, Singapore, Street.

What is Swo JTAG?

JTAG/SWD Connector A third pin (SWO) delivers the trace data at minimum system cost. The Serial Wire and JTAG pins are shared. Note. KEY (position 7) has no pin and serves only as a key to properly orient the connector.

How do you do Swo?

There are different ways to become a SWO. If you’re a high school student or an undergraduate, you can enter through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) or through the U.S. Naval Academy. Those already having a degree attend Officer Candidate School (OCS), a 12-week Navy school in Newport, RI.

What is Swo in SWD?

Two of them are the SWDIO and SWCLK pins used by SWD. The last pin is called Serial Wire Output (SWO) and is used for debugging output. SWO is an asynchronous, one-directional protocol used by the internal debug components in the core to output various debug information. This pin is not required to program the device.

How long is Swo training?

The first tour will be 24 months with the most important milestones of the initial sea tour being the achievement of the Officer of the Deck (Fleet) and Surface Warfare Officer qualifications. These qualifications are designed to be completed within the first 12 to 18 months.

What Swo stands for?

If you’re a Surface Warfare Officer (SWO), you have what it takes to lead by example. Maintain and operate the most advanced fleet of ships in the world—along with the crews that support them.

What is a stop work order BC? Compliance with Stop Work Order. 1) The contractor shall not carry out work or construction, or suffer, permit or allow work or construction to be carried out, in contravention of a stop work order issued by the Chief Building Official.

How long is SWOs?

Upon returning to your ship, you will be ready to complete your SWO qualifications and earn your Surface Warfare Officer Pin. Surface Warfare officers are assigned 45 months of initial sea duty to an afloat command split into a 27 month and an 18 month tour.

Can SWO viewer change the signal frequency of SWO output data?

Here is a video for your request of SWO Viewer changing the signal frequency of the SWO output data. The frequency changes when OK is selected in Config Dialog. The oscilloscope monitors the data going into the JLink SWO pin and shows how the speed changes when OK is selected.

How does a prescaler work?

The prescaler takes the basic timer clock frequency (which may be the CPU clock frequency or may be some higher or lower frequency) and divides it by some value before feeding it to the timer, according to how the prescaler register (s) are configured.

How does the oscilloscope monitor the JLINK SWO frequency?

The frequency changes when OK is selected in Config Dialog. The oscilloscope monitors the data going into the JLink SWO pin and shows how the speed changes when OK is selected. Equally important is that data streaming into the JLink SWO pin is not shown in the viewer.

What is SWO in a microcontroller?

Technically SWO is a single trace pin which is used to stream out data packets with a certain clock rate, derived from the CPU core clock. You can think of SWO as a kind of UART TX pin using a special format to send out data packets.